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for Man, I Miss the Kitties

6/23 c101 2TheTrueBonesMalone
Kinda sad Obito is dead now. Hopefully in the next one he'll be returning as I a read the next one
6/21 c57 TheTrueBonesMalone
I don't understand how Alice gives the people who saved gaara a tip and yet not send a tip to Asuma as he was supposed to die in the future.
Alice you Dumbass.
1/9/2020 c35 Guest
I Frickin love Itachi. He's my bae
1/4/2020 c23 1Tallow.CrimsonS
It's Orochimaru isn't it
12/23/2018 c5 3kenzie.parish
I take offense that Kisame isn’t getting more kisses and one on one time. He is a perfect delightful man, who out of all the Akatsuki has the most potential as boyfriend/spouse material. Also kinda salty that there’s no smut but then I remember Alice is still a minor so I can live with it. (High key want some making out with the sexy shark tho! Something to consider in the revamp if you do it)
9/9/2018 c71 Charm99
If I was any character in Naruto I think I would be sadara uchiha
9/9/2018 c64 Charm99
I just had to answer this question in my opinion the human race is full of idiots I'd rather live in a anime because at least I would be able to punch the idiotic people in the face
8/8/2018 c77 Guest
i love the feeling of anticipation you get when you read that something bad is going to happen
8/8/2018 c74 Guest
but karin is and was always my fave character i never forgave sasuke and shipped him and her
8/8/2018 c66 Guest
Affinity gnu cation too recut chibi itachi
6/15/2018 c56 Charm99
The saddest death of the Akatsuki was Itachi after everything he did for Sasuke I don't understand why he wouldn't tell him the truth especially all that happened to Sasuke as a result of Itachi not telling the truth
6/14/2018 c21 Charm99
Hi you and I are very much alike my least favorite Naruto characters are danzo and orochimaru I hate danzo because of what he did to itachi and Sasuke and I hate orochijerk I mean orochimaru for what he did to Sasuke
6/14/2018 c12 Charm99
Hi I really like your storys, and to answer your question it's probably a tie between Naruto and yu-gi-oh 5ds
2/17/2018 c62 Q
1. Sleep
2. People
3. Sunlight
7/18/2017 c101 HashiramaTree
So amazing. The ending was just great.
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