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for My Best Friend Looks Like a First Grader

4/30/2014 c5 Guest
Epic viewpoint, please continue?
7/6/2013 c5 4Vi-Violence
Nice, please update soon.
3/24/2012 c5 4Amaranthais
2/13/2012 c5 11NightmareThief
I love this. 'seeing' it from Heiji's POV is awesome! I can't actually remember these cases XD. Please update!
2/13/2012 c4 NightmareThief
Great :) Keep writing!

I think your doing a great job at keeping them in character :)
12/11/2011 c2 122cooliochick5
This is so awesome, so far I remember all these cases :)
12/9/2011 c5 11Kaida-14Kage
Wow this is really intresting!

Seeing everything happen from Hattori's POV is really cool and you make him sound like himself. (Sorry did that make sense?)

I love how you made some of the stuff that happened to Hattori while Kudou wasnt there made it more realistic.

I hope you update soon! :)
9/2/2011 c5 1CherieGrey
I hope you continue this! heiji's pov is just too entertaining.
5/5/2011 c5 nobody10901
5/4/2011 c5 12Ally Marton
It's kinda sad, I mean, I really want this story to actually BE a story. Like the side ones people sometimes connect to Manga's? It could be that! And it just has the right amount of seriousness (word...?), fun, romance (or 'lack thereof', heheh), and sarcasm to work!

Okay, favorite parts:

"This is why I'm a great detective. It's not just that I'm smart; it's that I'm so much smarter than all these other unobservant people. Deductive power is just rare in the world." - Hmm, ego much? ;] Oh, and I won't put this one down, but I loved how he felt the room was just getting so darn hot (;D He's so clueless it's actually charming! Well, kinda anyway...)

"But you know, if Kazuha was trailin' us since Tsuuten Tower, an' even I didn't notice her—that's really somethin'! I'm not one to overlook abnormalities—and Kazuha is certainly an abnormality, no matter where she is. That girl's gotta have some pretty sophisticated spy moves if she kept outta my sight all morning. See, it's hard to get Kazuha to care about something or to like someone (remember—not a people person) but once she makes up her mind about somethin', there's nothin' that can stop her.

I'd have been impressed if I wasn't so amused. And I'd have been amused if I wasn't so pissed." XD I love the unintentional insults that occur in this part, again, part of Heji's appeal is his sheer CLUELESSNESS. :3 I think this fact about him is even better since he's actually an amazing detective, this poor guy! I'm gonna love the day he actually figure's it out!

So! Now I'm going to go check out this story you mentioned, "An Unprofessional Opinion." Right? :D Can't wait to see more from you! Please keep up the good work!


5/4/2011 c4 Ally Marton
;) Hey! Sorry, I got your message awhile back. What happened was I read up to chapter 3, the went to eat dinner and never got back to the story! I hadn't even read 4 and 5 yet! But now I am and I will share more of my favorite lines! :D

"I got to the gate just as they were disembarkin'. They made a pretty funny picture: chipper Ran-Neechan, glowering Mouri-han (probably hung over, I'd bet), and of course that little bastard, who was starin' at me like I was a dead body he needed to figure out. A dead body that he half-expected to come alive and strangle him.

Paranoid? Who, Kudou?" - I liked this part because along with sarcasm (gotta love sarcasm!) you did a wonderful job in being descriptive, especially Kudo's part. ;)

"Our car was parked right outside Tsuuten Tower, in the fire lane, almost perfectly parallel with the curb. See, police cars can get away with that kind of stuff. It's great." - Hattori just being happy about stuff like this, things that he's privileged with from his father's position, I just find it fun. ;)

"'Isn't this great?" I said as we pulled out. 'In a patrol car, even in traffic jams other cars will make way.'

They didn't answer. I figured it was because they were readin' the guidebook. ... I don't get those people.

'…Wait a minute…' Mouri-han said, as if he had finally found his voice. Maybe his throat was dry from all those cigarettes. But then his face got really red an' he burst out, 'DON'T TELL ME MY TOUR OF OSAKA IS IN THIS CAR!'

Yeah, I really don't get those people.

'What?' I said. 'You don't like it? This is the newest model!'" -Oh Hattori, XD he's SO clueless, but his enthusiasm is so stink'in catchy!

:D Now I'll go and finish up the next chapter, please continue to do a good job on this story! It's awesome!

4/28/2011 c5 7Mysteryfan17
Sweet, I loved when Kazuha was accusing Ran of being Kudo and thinking 'she' was trying to date Heiji...and just as funny from Heiji's POV. Naturally, the great Sleeping Kogoro believes every question is directed only to him. Good thing Heiji knows who the REAL Tokyo detective is...even if he has trouble keeping that to himself. I know what you mean about the accent...I just add the words to my custom dictionary, as I did the names and stuff. I can't wait for their unexpected guest to drop in on them. 5/5
4/27/2011 c3 12Ally Marton
It's great just like the other chapters! So I'm only going to use this time to tell you my favorite lines, again:

"That's partly because my okan (again, that's 'mother' for you uncultured Tokyo people)..." XD I love his opinions of the Tokyo people

"Okan buys Kazuha's favorite food when she goes shoppin' so there's always Oreos and Cherry Coke in our fridge for her, an' if I so much as think about eatin' 'em my own okan will yell at me. Okan even gives Kazuha money to buy me clothes.

Yeah, that's right. Kazuha dresses me.

It's pretty messed up." And this just made me smile, because his Okan is TOTALLY grooming Kazuha to be his wife, and that sweet girl knows it :]

Thanks again!
4/27/2011 c2 Ally Marton
XD Oh Heji, I can't tell if your stubbornly denying your crush on Kazuha out of sheer manliness, or if your just that dense.

Okay, favorite lines:

"Sometimes I think that guy's not exactly a 'people' person, if ya know what I mean. Like Kazuha. People like me, now, we're more friendly and accessible. We understand people's feelings and shit like that. It's part o' what makes me a better detective than Kudou is.

Anyway, I was feelin' good and virtuous and all that..."

"See, like I said. She's just not a people person."

XD Thanks for writing it!
4/27/2011 c1 Ally Marton
Oh my, I can just see it now.

"Kaito glanced down at his shirt after a large bite out of his hamburger. 'Aw man, typical.'

Aoko was about to laugh and point out what a slob he was, when all the sudden...


XD I'm dying! Poor Kaito KID! And Heji for getting such a scare, but MAN! :D I'm totally following this now, thanks for writing it, I love it when people write with Heji, he's so fun!

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