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9/26/2013 c24 7348joey
You skipped a bunch of chapters and just put out a downer ending. I've read stories like this. They were also terrible and lazy. In the middle of one plot you just decided to give an epilogue, leaving many loose ends just floating around? This story isn't completed. It's just a lazy way to end something that the writer has lost interest in or had written themselves into a corner with.
3/7/2013 c24 anonymous anonymous anon
Oh... My... Tauren... Mind blown. Ha ha. That was pretty epic, Imma skip on over to the sequel. *shakes with excitement* I feels a chill comin' on!./
3/7/2013 c23 anonymous anonymous anon
3/5/2013 c24 Guest
YOU MONSTER!, well it takes allot to break my heart, even though I'm a guy, and I've been numb to pain, my heart aches, and you did this, anyway good story, I'll read the sequel, btw, what WoW server do you play on?, I play on earthern ring, but i'm switching over so i can hang with a friend.
3/3/2013 c19 ZombieZPandaZ
well, that was a shock, but...the ending...SO CUTE!.
2/28/2013 c1 ZombieZPandaZ
Seems like there are just too many bad WoW romance fic's, I've been playing since Pre-Cata, And i loved it. My account got hacked though. Now I'm leveling a DK. Anyway, the story has me intrigued and i will finish it, you have my word on that one.
2/27/2013 c24 3Dawnchaser
OH. MY. GOD. (sorry for all caps btw). YOU DID IT. You made me cry! Bravo, bravo! This was a long, crazy journey, and it's so sad. I'm just in complete shock, this was so sad! OMG i'm full of so many emotions right now it's hard to get them all down. Okay let's do a checklist
1. BOO! how could you kill feather off? it's one thing when people die, but when animals die OH ITS ON! (lol)
2. HELL YES! Tarja Turunen and her CD "My Winter Storm"
3. YAY! That you're not ending the story with Aliane dying and Kinji watching that...
5. You did a wonderful, wonderful job, Megs, congratulations and a loud round of applause!
2/27/2013 c23 Dawnchaser
12/5/2012 c21 3Twyll
Oh, Gods! I love your story! I really do! Please update. I love it! :*
2/1/2012 c21 MamaBones
I really , reallly love your story! Update plz! I am a sucker for human/blood elf stories so plz keep going its a wonderful story with interesting characters :)
12/16/2011 c19 Sammie
Please keep writing
10/18/2011 c4 6DragongirlM
Cute story :) but in the last paragraph or so, I think you meant "maniacal", not "mechanical" :3

Also, I wouldn't joke about maintenance day if you value your life ;)) jk
10/14/2011 c1 little-red-wolf-5793
Love this story soo much,
8/2/2011 c16 kerry
aw poor kinji. this was a great chapter and can't wait to read more of the drama thats on its way XD
7/10/2011 c15 Leah jones
This was one of the best chapters in the story so far. I really enjoyed it XD
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