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for The Secret Diary Of Dimitri Belikov

11/8/2011 c12 5JLeeCarBean
plz plz plz update soon this book is awesome!=D

hehe love it hes going crazy talking to a diary =D
10/23/2011 c1 dl daine
i love how you did the first part. it is rally good. the rest of the story is great. you are a good writer:)
10/1/2011 c1 1Taylor-Rose021
I just want to say i love your story thanks so much for doing Dimitri's side of the story ive been wanting one for ages and yourve done it like really good im a huge fan of the story, so thanks agian! on to the next chapters cant get enough haha!
9/27/2011 c11 31SpeakNow1118
*sigh*... Dimitri.

Love it. :)
9/24/2011 c12 1Lexi34
o its such a cute story
9/23/2011 c12 Kelly.Vamp
omg!dimitri is so funny in ur story!
9/22/2011 c12 DXR
AWWW that was so sweet :)

Diary: You so love her, admit it!

Dimitri: I do not.

Diary: Then why are you obsessing over her in me? You perverted paedophile, she's only seventeen for god's sake! Do you not have any morals? Are there any lines you will not cross?

Dimitri: Hey! You sound like such a girl, diary. Even my grandma has more balls than you! And since when do you care about god, you don't even come to church with me!

Diary: You didnt deny the obsessing comment *wicked laugh*

Dimitri: Whoops... wait why the fuck am I talking to a diary? *sigh* I need therapy. *Bangs head against the wall*

Hehe as you can probably tell im high! I blame the lollies! And the coffee, don't forget the coffee ! :D

Haircut! I say haircut!
9/22/2011 c12 25Fantasyfan4ever
Awesome chapter! I totally love how you are filling in the gaps of VA. Awww, D! *hugs him*

Keep up the incredible job!
9/22/2011 c12 3gopherluv
cant wait for the nxt chappie!


gopher :)
9/22/2011 c12 diana dhampir
This chapter just made my day!More please!
9/15/2011 c11 Auzzie chick
I love your writing so much you are amazing Dimitri is amazing I love how you made him funny coz in the book he isn't real funny but is really good to see what is going in his mind xoxo

Signin out Auzzie chick :o)
9/10/2011 c11 DXR
That was fucking awesome dude! Lmao @ at his innocent turned not-so-innocent thoughts. Poor guy he gets hit on wherever he goes :)

And u can try the midnight sun thing, but u already noe my thoughts on Edward Cullen (psycho fairy wannabe vamp), but as always u will make it work...

Try to finish the other stories before u start it though, Ive seen ur fanfic 'to do list' ;D

love it

9/10/2011 c11 FakeGirl101
So funny and sooo good. Please update soon
9/10/2011 c11 25Fantasyfan4ever
Woot, wicked update! Haha, I love the memory as disturbing as it was. Poor D...

Once again, your writing continues to captivate me, and I look forward to the next installment. Job well done!
9/10/2011 c11 3gopherluv
i love this story!1 plzzzzz UD soon!


gopher :)
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