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for The Secret Diary Of Dimitri Belikov

7/10/2011 c10 3gopherluv
really good! update soon!


gopher :)
7/10/2011 c10 5roseskyangel
this is good love it a lot so cannot wait for more
7/10/2011 c10 DXR
hey dude, loved this chapter, especially the beginning with the dream about the chocolate fountain reminds me of the scene in Dream Hunter ;)

Sounds like u structured dimitri's character on us cause the guy has issues...

love u too

7/10/2011 c10 1BrownEyedDazzler
Well, I don't really know what mistake in the previous chapter you're talking about, since I thought it was a great chapter. =)

Anyway , it's nice to see into Dimitri's head at the times Rose isn't being cooperative - you made it so that he's not just disregarding the mistakes she's making.

Hope to see a new chapter soon - but don't freeze your fingers off, okay?

~ BrownEyedDazzler.
7/10/2011 c10 1JosefineShield
Freaking hilarious. I love it, and the cowboy dream, omg.. Update soon :)
7/9/2011 c9 penny.poo
glad yu updated. if yur chapters are to short, yu could join two of the chapters together as one.
7/9/2011 c9 25Fantasyfan4ever
Aww, poor D! *runs over to hug him and then flees before he can react*

Anyways, nice chapter! I especially like his reactions to the note between Rose and Lissa.

Well, keep up the good work!

P.S Hey, the last chapter was totally awesome! I have no clue why you wouldn't think otherwise...
7/9/2011 c9 5roseskyangel
this is good love it
7/9/2011 c9 3gopherluv
SIBERIA! right? or am i mixing this up?


gopher :)
7/9/2011 c9 BrookeBelikov

Austria or Albania?
7/9/2011 c9 diana dhampir
I'm from Serbia :D Please UD soon, I love Dimitri, he is hilarious
7/9/2011 c9 deletedaccount12121111111
Serbia! Woop Woop
7/9/2011 c9 DXR
dude whats the point of guessing? u wrote it in ur authors note above lol. fail.

awesome chapter ur dimitri is great a little too deprived for my liking but hey, u cant have everything, right?

the actual weathers so hot over here but there is not much of the other. sad.

love it UD asap

7/9/2011 c9 12NicoleClark123456
hmmm is she in serbia xxx

anyhoo this is funny to say the least ive read it from the start but havent botheted to review until now xxx
7/9/2011 c9 BudnLou
did she go to Serbia, cuz thats what it says in the first authors note of this chapter. anyway I loved this chhapter and I can't wait for the lust charm in dimitri's pov. Update soon! :)
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