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for The Best I Ever Had

8/30 c14 Camila0803
Havia tempo que eu não ria tanto
6/20 c14 dazzled eyes22
Thanks for keeping this story up. I enjoyed this re-read. These characters are as lively, funny, and realistic as ever. I enjoyed their friends-to-lovers romance and this time, I will read the prequel.
5/28 c1 Fleur50
Départ canon!
5/14 c1 baffledreams
omg, I've never NEVER read any story as many times as I've read this one. my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE fic among my favourites. Makes me feel good when my life goes to shit. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for writing this. you're absolutely the best!
3/14 c14 VryUnique
Awesome…thank you.
2/13 c14 f.elody01
hi ! Thank you for this amazing and beautiful story !
that sounds weird but thank you , i just love that there's no toxic relationship/characters/ex-whathever thing.
i like how it is just a simple love story, about honesty, understanding, giving time to each other just as natural as it should/could be and i really like your sens of humour.
i want to add that,as a non fluent english speaker, i was happy to understand everything and that it was quite easy to read so thank you again.
1/4 c14 hellishrose
Wow! I NEVER read AH twilight stories but I stumbled upon this recommendation and my god so amazing! Love how you incorporated other characters from the twilight universe into the story. I truly enjoyed this one all around and your writing style is amazing! All around phenomenal story. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!
1/2 c9 benjigogo
LOVE THIS Edward! he's hilarious
12/4/2022 c13 VryUnique
I’m glad Bella got her head out of her ass, I was feeling kind of sorry for Edward.
12/4/2022 c12 VryUnique
Awesome story. Thank you for sharing.
Would love to know what happened with the others, I assume they are together.
12/4/2022 c11 VryUnique
12/4/2022 c10 VryUnique
Busted…..partially…. I hope Emmett and Rose work things out.
12/4/2022 c9 VryUnique
12/4/2022 c8 VryUnique
12/3/2022 c6 VryUnique
I can’t help wondering if Tanya was kidding or somewhat serious.
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