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2/6/2018 c7 Navy Apocalypse 321
I only recently began watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and already I can imagine Binx strangling Salem.
6/6/2017 c5 Salem
My question is answered. I think the Witches council could help Binx with the Sanderson witches. They'd probably put some sanction to stop the candle from being lit and turn the Sanderson witches to familiars too

Binx should go to them. He'd definitely get his wish too

He should try them
6/6/2017 c4 Very intersting
Very interesting concept. Author's notes as separate chapters are not allowed so becareful

Other than that I like the story idea. Like with all Sabrina the Teenage witch crossovers w/o magic fandoms, I give ideas for the discrepancies. In the Sabrina fandom witches can't die and come back. Unless it's some other kind of spell.
I also wonder how the Sanderson sisters got away with what they did. What does the witches council hae to say about it? I think we'll find out!

Genius idea once again!
8/2/2015 c1 Unknown user
Sabrina: Salem, who is this?
Salem Saberhagen: He's Thackery. Thackery Binx.
7/28/2015 c7 SunshineWiccanLight
please continue the story i think you should bring zelda hilda in the next chapter as well the witches
council i want be surprise if hilda zelda has any kind of history with the sanderson sisters since the
spellman are light witches and all and they been around for long time as well sabrina need to go to
the witches council so they can strip the sanderson sisters of there magic and erase there spellbook
so they want have to use the lifeforce spell and max want have to light the black flame candle either
by the way love the story i put it in my favorite follow story this is the first hocus pocus crossover with sabrina teenage witch i read and really like
6/30/2015 c7 wiccancharmedguy
looking forward reading the next chapter please continue the story will hilda and zelda make
appearnce as well
10/10/2014 c7 MagJones
What's wrong with Binx?
8/14/2013 c7 The Classiest Trash
This story is great! could you make the chapters a little longer?
3/11/2012 c6 7bunch1
I really liked this story. Particuarly when Binx gets a little manic and starts scareing Salem. Not sure about Sabrina meeting Dani, just don't see much point to it honestly, hopefully it's just a cameo. I suppose that if Sabrina learns the truth she would have to turn the book into the council for safe keeping which would leave Binx in limbo, even if they lift the curse he would be alive until he dies right, so someone would have to watch him until then, he is only a human teenager after all with limited schooling. And if not a bewitched human/cat would probably have to be watched anyway. Well, it should be an intresting story so until next time, keep writeing and good luck.

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