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2/24/2019 c9 51HoneyGoddess57
Oh goody, your back. I didn't think you'll complete this story because it was quite a long time since you updated it. Well, this was really a good and interesting story, well great work there.
3/2/2018 c6 Query4
I love this story. There are so few Hermes based stories, and this one is a real treat. Since Hermes is the god of lies, he’s perfect for this task. I really hope you update this. I’d love to see how he handles Theresa’s father and Neil’s...whoever.
Thank you for writing this, it’s wholly entertaining.
6/24/2017 c6 14Crystalmoon39
I would imagine Hermes' visit with Odie's family would be hardest. Odie's family line comes from him, actually Jay's too! This was still nicely touching chapter.
9/28/2016 c5 122cooliochick5
I love your explanation of Archie's brace!
3/11/2016 c5 HoneyGoddess57
Finally, you've updated this story. Wow, it was surely interesting and how Archie has taken this/reacted to when Hermes told him all about why he had to go with him.
5/29/2015 c4 29Borrowed Twenties
This was really hilarious - I loved how witty this was, and Hermes is such a great character that people seldom write about. Hermes' explanation for the giant, in particular, was excellent; although each chapter was great in itself. Hope that you will post more chapters in time to come!
2/20/2014 c1 Aunemn12
Cool idea, good grammar, spelling, super well-written! I likey muchie.
Gotta say the highlight was Hermes' explanantion for the giant. That was so smooth.
But I also like seeing how you portray each of the parents, seeing as we didn't get to see most of them in the series. I thought Herry's were pretty accurate (I doubt my parents would be very chill with me suddenly deciding to gallivant off to an obscure school in Canada). Only I thought he lived with his granny?
But I can't wait to see what you do for Archie! Please don't take a year to update. Please?
2/19/2014 c4 deacctivated
I want more! Please? Please? *Gets down on knees and kisses your feet.* I love these, and they seem like logical explanations! I really want you to write more! *offers you money*
"Oh, not enough? I got some more..."
*Takes out penny.*
2/19/2014 c4 51HoneyGoddess57
Oh my god, I thought that Hermes would run off from Herry's father. Herry's father looks like an over-protective father and all. lol
2/19/2014 c4 19historiangirl
Nice excuse for Herry.
Oh my god, I was sure Hermes was going to run away of Herry father at the end or to be afraid.
2/5/2014 c3 1kiwiamber
SOOOOOOOOOO It's February, does that mean another chapter is coming out soon? :O
2/5/2014 c2 kiwiamber
Why did i not read this sooner! :O I like it quiet a lot, I feel like the parents emotions would have been close to what you wrote them as. Good job :)
2/23/2013 c3 19historiangirl
Nice idea for this story.
So funny the explaination for Atlanta and the thing about the giant, so funny.
2/20/2013 c3 Wolflover40
HAHA I love the excuse Hermes made up for the giant:) And the brothers, HA!
2/19/2013 c3 51HoneyGoddess57
Finally you updated this; it's been a long time since- well now I see you've put the two boys with Atlanta in the very first episode. That you made them her half-brothers if I'm correct; please go on with this and don't take another year to updated this.
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