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8/3 c28 11Majestic-MSFC
Very unique fan fiction, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing this
8/20/2016 c15 16HG4EVER69
Just read ch 15. The only thing i can say is you have writen then to be idiots. They should have left when they found the chip in Mara's head. I like the story but hate how you portray them. Anyone with half a brain would have left already. Anakin even told Luke to leave. If they were in any danger. Now Mara and the baby are in danger becaue Luke is an idiot in this story.
4/18/2016 c28 Guest
Lovely story. I really enjoyed it and looking forward the sequel.
4/14/2016 c2 Denz-El
I feel so sorry for Ben. :( But hey, the Skywalker's are together again (sort of) and all the other Jedi are alive, so there's that! :) I'm really interested in the plot. I have a thing for stories where a dude and a lady end up together due to wacky circumstances. Gonna keep reading! :D
P.S. Was Ben the one who blew up the Death Star in this AU?
6/4/2014 c28 41Jedi Jesi Jiin
This was a neat story with a good plot. Thank you for sharing.
6/4/2014 c25 Jedi Jesi Jiin
Awe! Such an awesome proposal! Its great that Luke did it on his own this time ;)
6/4/2014 c15 Jedi Jesi Jiin
Awe! Such a sad chapter! But intensely intriguing!
5/22/2014 c28 Orion725
Just wanted to say this was a great read
3/2/2013 c28 bec
Wonderful happily ever after fic! Padme and Anakin are alive along with L/M and H/L, Palpy is dead and all is well in the galaxy. Until the sequel ...which I am going to read next. Amazing, wonderful story! Loved every word!
3/1/2013 c20 bec
I cannot believe how AMAZING this story is! Love the concept of Vader undercover and how they plan to overthrow the emperor. Love the L/M storyline. I cant wait to read what happens next. GREAT story, Wonderful writing, love everything about this fic!
9/8/2012 c2 keeganoid
great book one of my favorites. ive read it over and over again. oh and please try to keep updating on love bites and so do i. three cheers for eradyn
9/8/2012 c28 6Electricboa
I have to admit I have kind of mixed feelings. I like the love story, though I probably would have rather seen it be a little harder for them to get together, not as easy as they did early on. My biggest problem is the whole part about Anakin pretending to go to the dark side, I just don't think it plausible. There's no real way they could have created the illusions they would have needed to pull it off, especially since that wasn't a common skill, and I can't imagine Palpatine being fooled for an instant. I do have a couple questions about the back-story, though. In the flashbacks, you have Windu agreeing to Anakin's plan after Palpatine kills the other Jedi sent to arrest him, but in Chapter 17 they're all alive again. What happened? Also, how could any of the Jedi out in the battlefield have survived? I mean, I suppose they could have saved some from the Temple, though I think it would have been suspicious without bodies, but they had no time to warn anyone else. Palpatine contacted the clone commanders pretty much right after Anakin left, so you're still looking at the vast majority of the Order killed.

As far as the writing and the actual plot of the story, I thought you did rather well. Things flowed easily and the writing was good. There were a few grammar and capitalization errors, but nothing too distracting. The ones I remember include 'Jedi' needing to be capitalized and 'Stomrtroopers' being one word. 'Storm Troopers' are the Nazi version. Still, they're pretty minor. This was fun to read and I look forward to the sequel.
6/27/2012 c28 8MuggleCreator
Nice stuff. Sweetness.
2/18/2012 c28 33ginchy-amanda
Took me a couple of days but I finished this fic! I love AUs that involve the Skywalkers as a family facing off against the Empire and that have L/M. 3 I'm so glad that they were finally able to get married and their little one is safe. Very romantic and adventurous!
1/29/2012 c28 5EmeraldEyedJedi
I saw your sequel to this and wanted to read this first. Boy am I glad I did! Great story. Original idea, great plot line, perfect characterization. I love the roallercoaster of emotions and the twists and turns. Very dramatic and suspenseful. I was surprised at times and even laughed aloud. Well done! I can't wait to go and read the sequel.
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