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for Hurricanes

10/26/2012 c5 7Ducky Devilry
that was great do sum more fast lol good job
8/21/2011 c5 7bjpboy8008
Wow! My favorite chapter so far! It was very heart renching. Killing off Elwood was a bold move, and I applaude you for it! Vidia's such a facsinating character, maybe even more so than Tinkerbell. I've gotta write something about her at some point! Love this story! Keep it up!
8/20/2011 c5 2TaxusPtero-Oneiroi
Oh how sad, I do like Vidia's character. Update again soon!
8/19/2011 c1 TaxusPtero-Oneiroi

Wow... *in awe* this goes to faves. I can't wait to read more! Good thing I'm only on the first chapter! ;D
7/18/2011 c4 7bjpboy8008
This story's getting better and better! And seriously, this is the best written charaterization of Vidia on here! Good job!
6/11/2011 c3 2SweetestSong23
Great story! A fast-flyer/Water-talent fairy, a Hurricane Fairy! Are you planning on having Aurorla make a hurricane in later chapters? I don't really care what you do with it, 'cuz i'm sure it will be great!
5/10/2011 c3 7bjpboy8008
Awwww, thanks for the badge! Another really good chapter you've written! You write Vidia especially well, she's such a bad-ass!

Also, and I know this was a long time ago, but thanks for your review of my "Tinkerbells 21st Arrival Day" story. It's good to know that there are people on here who are willing to be open-minded enough to enjoy some of the more "out there" Tinkerbell stories. Thanks again, I really appriciate it, and I'd be more than happy to hear your opinions on any of my other stories, if you want to, that is. Don't feel like you have to. :)

But enough about my stories. As I've said before, you're a fantastic writer, and I can't wait for more of this story!
3/13/2011 c2 bjpboy8008
Really awesome story you got going here! Seriously, if I could write even half as good as you can, I'd be happy. Very very very well done! Can't wait for more! :)
2/26/2011 c1 42ShatteredHeart98
Excellent! This was both original and exciting and I am really excited to read more. I like this new fairy girl and the way you have described the world and the way the faries awaken is very inspiring for another writer like me. Please update or I may explode with anticipation!
2/23/2011 c1 7bjpboy8008
Not bad, not bad at all. You're a good writer! Keep it up!

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