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for The Dark Lord's Equal

12/6/2022 c1 WeisseHex
I like it very much!
12/1/2022 c6 steel.metal14
all the way to the end of this glorious fuckery.
11/18/2022 c6 1Darknessdawns
This is the most unusual fic I have ever read. I honestly spent most of it laughing. Things were just so out there, but worked amazingly well. Harry was so much more than I expected and I loved the little views into his life that had turned him into the crazy badass he is. The only thing I really wish was different ways that you left a list of the stories you took ideas and quotes from. I really want to read them all.
11/14/2022 c6 kase519
Fuck the impossible
11/14/2022 c5 kase519
Lovely blending of fanfics
11/14/2022 c4 kase519
They are very nice guns
11/14/2022 c3 kase519
We do stupid stuff out of guilt
11/14/2022 c1 kase519
Well student hair is better than selling student
10/31/2022 c6 1pycus13
I really liked your story. IT rocks. You rock.
10/26/2022 c6 3Darkw01fie
Good story, shame the end credits didn't lead to anything.
What I will say about JKs plot chasms is that at least she sometimes remembered that magic is a thing in her story, even if it has 0 canonical exploration or explanation
10/17/2022 c5 KeZ01
Not bad, just reads pretty awkward some places.
10/17/2022 c6 Mastersgtjames
Bummed we did not get to see any real interaction between Fleur and Harry(or Hermione) in the new timeline. When we FINALLY would get to see some, with Harry and Hermione going to kidnap her, the story just ends. Like the ending of the Sopranos.
10/3/2022 c5 GenJordan
Man, I still love this story and I still cackle at the quotes I recognize. You did good :)

(Posted here, since apparently I've reviewed the story before on the final chapter)
9/16/2022 c6 HeartsStrenght
Your story made me crack up out loud at so many points
Thank you! It's definitely one of my top favourites and that's saying a lot because I'm a prolific reader 3
8/23/2022 c6 Loafslang
Sad news that Lens of Sanity died in July 2022. I loved his crazy mind.

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