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for The Dark Lord's Equal

12/23/2023 c6 Guest
Love it. Well written and very entertaining. BaleScream had me laughing.
12/8/2023 c5 maiqsmail
This fanfic is insane. My brain hurts and not in a good way.
12/8/2023 c1 maiqsmail
Ahaha fuck me so few people catch on onto this possibility! Yeah, magical polyjuice opens a LOT of possibilities in prostitution and fetishes. If Weasels wouldn't be so poor, Ginny probably would've bought some to get laid with "the boy who lived", almost as good as the real deal -version.
12/7/2023 c3 Mikeblade
boo harry no kill dumbles
12/7/2023 c1 Mikeblade
no cannon never made any sense starting with a spell that does not leave any mark at all but some how it left one on harry
11/18/2023 c6 MyDogIsAsGracefulAsAnErumpent
I think that this is the only fanfiction written in the first person that I actually read in its entirety. Normally I hate them and stop reading before getting more than a few paragraphs in. This was different. It totally pulled me into it,and I absolutely enjoyed reading it.
11/6/2023 c2 gusjo
'Ron's loyalty is matched only by his intelligence'...

10/9/2023 c2 thebetawholived
Hi. I like your story. But I noticed a usage error in it that I thought I'd mention since you said you are editing it. You use "per say" when the actual term is "per se." You can find this if you go to and enter the term.

Again, I like your story! As a matter of fact, I'm rereading it for what might be the fourth time. Thanks for sharing.
9/10/2023 c6 1Kalen Darkmoon
An enjoyable story. It has a lot of spelling and grammar issues but the story itself is engaging and interesting. However, I do have to note that Harry's rambling thoughts got a little confusing at times. Also it is unclear how Voldemort was suddenly so much more powerful and nigh un-killable in the final battle despite having less than 10% of his soul remaining and his horcruxes all destroyed. Especially when you didn't show anything being different for Voldemort than before when he was killed by schoolboy Harry the first time.
9/8/2023 c1 suziq968
This was ridiculously convoluted and really entertaining anyway. Harry's inner commentary is just that good. Thanks for the laughs.
6/21/2023 c6 9WyrdSmith
My 16 year old son came into the bedroom and asked why I was snorting or did I just fart?

I do not snort. Not even air. In any way.

So, after he returned my pillow and ignored my demand for a refund on my DNA, he rephrased his question. I read him a paragraph — no clue which one. After smirking, he told me to send it to him.

An hour or so later, his older brother entered his bedroom and asked what he was snorting about or did he just fart?

And that is why mothers don’t need magic to manage our children. We have already done so with our DNA. The rest is just product testing.
6/8/2023 c2 ymrgf
Tedious fic to read. Just use simple line break instead of get creative using quotation mark followed by comma. Most fic filled with monologues from single POV and coupled with unimaginative writing, it's like reading textbook. You know when you queueing and see someone in front of you dilly-dallying too long and you want kick their asses for that? That's how I feel when I'm reading MC's pov, with said MC is the one who stand in front of me.
5/20/2023 c4 hdres
Great story. I am really enjoying Harry’s commentary and particularly how he details doing no work. Thank you for sharing your fun story
5/17/2023 c1 hdres
Interesting story. I like how Harry and Neville are fixing things. I also like the different POV sections. Thank you for sharing your story
4/17/2023 c6 Ultach
Yep! I made it to the end...(snicker!)

Thanks. Crazy, wacky, totally space cadet HP with a few good jokes. What's next?
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