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8/23/2022 c6 Loafslang
Sad news that Lens of Sanity died in July 2022. I loved his crazy mind.

That’s All Folks
8/20/2022 c6 14AnAnya Contd
it was dizzying to try finish this... my head spins from the chaos in there
8/10/2022 c5 3SilverMidas
8/6/2022 c6 Annie
A very fun and hyperactive Harry. Really rollicking read.
7/26/2022 c6 ohhhdear
There is a reason why there’s a dearth of first-person narrative stories in Fanfiction. They tend to be utterly confusing, especially when more than one character uses it. There’s little to no descriptive background to explain a scene and a big need for author’s notes. This story ticks all those boxes. If you’d been in my Creative writing class you would likely receive a C- for the first person style, and an A- for almost achieving it.
5/31/2022 c6 dizzykarma
Hilarious, witty and well done. Thank you
5/10/2022 c6 4Dzarsos
Bravo. "Fuck the impossible", indeed!
4/12/2022 c6 Cwhit930
A crazy ride. Thanks for the share
3/30/2022 c6 Kyr
Well done.
3/11/2022 c6 LAB1
This story was very funny and amusing until the big fight scene. Then it seemed to rapidly change in feel and went on forever. Harry going back was great though!
3/7/2022 c6 Roxtous
I wish the fic quotes had titles instead of authors... (or in addition to) it would make it way easier to find the fics.
3/6/2022 c4 Guest1138
That was a whole bunch of incongruencies and it was quite difficult to follow. Who was in the room again? Both times? Who was he training? What were they gathering for? How is Harry working? Is school out, despite it still being June and school's in session? Why isn't he back at the Dursleys if school's out? Where is he living? Who is he living with? What's going on?
It's all very confusing. You need a serious rewrite to clear things up and actually give the reader (especially me) some situational awareness as to who is actually involved in each scene. There was a few times there when I had no idea who was the narrator, and in most cases, who they were talking to!
3/2/2022 c1 Terracotta Tortilla
Very OOC. Good luck in the future, but I can see why this isn't the most well loved story
2/16/2022 c6 thomaseliot
I am cackling SO madly. On a bit of a nostalgia reread of HP fic, and didn't expect to find this I've so far up the 'last updated' list. Idk how much is original or what you've changed, but either way it was so much fun! Had so much fun with all the little references to other fics and fandoms; some obvious and structural like the cloneserpents stuff, some blink-missable like Pterry's trousers of time. And you know what, I think I recognised every single one of those fanfic quotes, either the quote itself or the author. Now I wanna go back and reread them all! I have a full time job, damn you! Ahem.

Last note: I LOVE the whole perpendicular universe thing - and that's a good name for it too. I have ideas like that all the time, but never manage to write them down (never managed to write any fic down tbh, it's a problem I have). But it brings me so much joy to see someone else doing it, so go you! Thanks heaps for writing. xD
2/1/2022 c1 ymrgf
I know why this fic is not very popular. The author using bizarre order to write his story that many can't catch the tail or the head of this story.
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