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for I See A Darkness

9/7 c16 2Rumpfy27
awesome story
9/1 c16 The Panda Goddess
oh my gosh, I loved this so much! I loved how the universes crossed over, I loved who, how and how much each character got a glimpse of the other side, I loved Reid and Garcia being buddies with Sam and Dean (aahshhwgdvha omg my autocorrect just tried to change Dean into Dead, I can't even), and GO READ THE BOOK SPENCER EVERYTHING WILL MAKE SENSE
8/31 c10 The Panda Goddess
8/17 c16 14Assan-Mahariel
Lemme wipe away a tear because I legit thought that this story would never get finished, and I am so happy that it did
8/5 c1 10sakarrie
Very engaging! I absolutely loved your villain duo and their whole dynamiccomplex, but not overly so! I also was able to enjoy and understand the vast majority of this without knowing the slightest detail about Criminal Minds so great job at keeping the writing clear and SPN-only-fan-friendly! Great fic!
8/1 c16 Guest
Hi. Thank you so much for finishing this. When I explain FanFiction to people I tell them about this one. Using the platform to go beyond the series. I checked often for updates over the many years and you delivered. Great story. And you are a great writer. This story captures both shows. FUN.
7/18 c16 28The Alien of Pluto
You finished it!
I always wondered how this would end and I thought I'd never know for sure. What actually happened is so much better! The Trapps' plan was pretty cool and it played off the Winchesters really well.
Thanks for the fic recommendations (Eat it Twilight is great) but more importantly thanks for this story!
7/6 c16 3Killua Lawliet
Brilliant! Just got done binge reading this and it's great. Love the characters
6/11 c16 new-initiate
6/3 c16 Kris
Very enjoyable. Good plot and believable characterizations.
6/2 c16 6theNewDesire
Thank you for this wonderful fanfic and the fic recs!
6/2 c14 9Loeka
I'm on the edge of my seat!
6/2 c13 Loeka
This is so good
6/2 c12 Loeka
This is horrifying but also Dean is finally meeting the rest of the team! Also loved Prentiss here
6/2 c11 Loeka
This is so suspenseful
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