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for I See A Darkness

6/13/2017 c9 Sedgester
finish it please!
4/24/2017 c9 3Serulium
this story is amazing! I need to know what happens next! Will Garcia and Reid get exposed to something supernatural, or will they just be left to speculate?
3/27/2017 c9 3Elysia1
Please finish this great story :)
2/15/2017 c9 Guest
PLEEEASE keep writing! Beautiful
1/30/2017 c9 1Madkatt
Ooh this is a fabulous crossover, the characters are all so well written and I cant wait to see how it goes. Heres hoping you get a chance to come back to this fic one day :)
1/17/2017 c9 FlashGirl74
Where you at, boo? This story is so good. You got so close to the climax and then just stopped. I wouldn't be mad that you took a four year break, but I'll definitely be sad if it never gets updated. You're too good of a writer to let this story go unresolved, and I wouldn't be surprised if the reason you haven't updated is because you're busy writing published novels. Please, though, come back.
12/25/2016 c9 27Bookworm85
I am really enjoying this story. Good dialogue, good suspense. I would really like to see more!
12/21/2016 c9 Nuala
Noooo! This can't end here - I see that it's been 5 years since an update. This has been excellent, please, please write a little more. I want to know how this ends. **puppy dog eyes**
11/30/2016 c9 Guest
Please can you write some more as this is great!

Good characterisation, we need to know more about the kids though, and is Sam to be the next to be grabbed?
Thanks Sasha £££
11/5/2016 c9 Guest
this story is amazing!
10/30/2016 c9 41Katerina Riley
Nooo! It hasn't been updated in years? Whyyyy :(((( This is so good! Perfect characterization, wonderful plot, why must this end on a cliffy? I hope all is well with you, and I hope you'll find a way to finish this. Somehow. It's so amazing...
10/27/2016 c9 CrimsonQueen24
I absolutely adore this story! You've nailed personalities from both shows. The plot is interesting and funny too. I can't wait for the next chapter! And more brotherly feels too :) Also, can you imagine Derek and Dean meeting for real? Pissing match anyone? Or Hotch trying to control the Winchester brothers? Hilarious!
10/20/2016 c9 Guest
Next update?
Yeap not gonna happen
Thanks for leaving behind this much
It was a good read
10/20/2016 c4 Guest
I don't like those profilers.
Throw out everything that's conjecture.
'Punishing other because the two siblings he really wanted to hurt..'
Yeah, no conjecture, but immediately thinking they are the bad guys.

If he thought; 'Maybe they are the unsubs, then.. blah blah.. but maybe they are not they don't seem to have.. blah living in a hotel should be obvious for the police.. blah blah..'

But no, they often jump to conclusions immediately based on earlier data they don't know is true.
8/19/2016 c9 Boundbybooks
This is such a good story! You should continue. I love your writting style
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