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for I See A Darkness

6/2 c9 9Loeka
I seriously love this so much. Will leave a more detailed response on why after I reach the end.
6/2 c8 Loeka
Hot damn, go Garcia!
5/20 c16 ikeanutella
I came back to reread this and then I noticed you had finished it! This is one of my favorite fics, thank you for sharing!
5/17 c16 Hobo
Brilliant! I love your stories and this one is brilliant. I really liked the ending. It was sweet to see Dean and Reid have that moment. I'd love a Dr Reid's therapy text series which is just Dean texting him and Reid writing back! Haha thanks again
5/16 c16 3Coyoyotie
this story was amazing throughout. I love the plot and storyline of it, your writing is perfection, your characterisations are spot on, and the ending is exactly what I’d expect to see in a Supernatural episode. I have a soft spot for police/detectives finding out that Sam and Dean are kinda heroes, and to have the detectives be my favourites from Criminal Minds is even better - I love how their perspectives changed as they spent time with Sam and Dean and then Spencer finally realising the ghost is real... absolutely loved reading this entire fic. thank you so much for writing it :)
5/14 c16 Greeniron
I really enjoyed the story. Thank you for sharing it!
5/13 c16 6Dobby and Padfoot
I loved the ending. Thank you for the update. This story is amazing and I loved all the characters and the way they interacted with one another. Thanks for writing it and I will look forward to reading any bonus chapters you write. :)
5/12 c16 SuperWhoVenger214
Amazing story and truly a perfect ending! And thank you so much for the fic recs! I can't wait to dive into those next. You are a very talented writer, my dear. Don't ever for get that
5/12 c16 TygerC
Thank you!
5/11 c16 1BrokenDarkFire
OH. MY. GOD. You finished the story! I'm so excited. Personally I liked this ending. I don't remember if I originally had any specific expectations for how it would end, and anyway, endings can be hard to predict with crossovers. My favorite detail is how Reid and Dean connected on a weird captor bond level, and Dean left him a burner cell so if Reid finds more ghosts, he can call for help. And Reid offered to be his amateur therapist friend! I mean, my favorite part of crossovers is seeing the characters interact and seeing their worldviews conflict, like in this fic. (Supernatural-type shows clash so delightfully with logical shows and crime procedurals.)

Also, I freaking love that you have a "if you liked this, read this" section. I've never once seen that, and it never occurred to me, but that's fantastic. Especially with crossovers. They're so much fun, but it's really hard to find the ones that speak to a particular area of interest, you know? I usually get exhausted by the effort and give up.
5/11 c16 Naomi
Great to read the ending! Thanks for the updates, it's made Covid a little more fun.
5/11 c16 Makanie
Great story! Really love it and a sequel would be nice.
5/10 c16 TheEdifier
thanks for all your hard work!
5/10 c16 Luci
A bonus chapter or a different fic that is related to this stories like series of one shot of "What could have been" "What if?" Like what if Morgan was faster and came with Reid and saw the ghost? And all that sort. Maybe like a one shot in the future Reid came across a case that is supernatural and get the Winchesters and the CM crew was like blindside by that and witness supernatural, too. Just toss up the ideas out there.

Anyway I love the ending and the quote about abyss is so fitting for the ending and the supernatural world! And the story is COMPLETED! its really impressive more than you can know. Also love the fanfics list provided in the author's note which THANKS, it was greatly appreciated! I already checked a few out!
5/10 c16 ManicTater
I'm so sad it is over, but it had to happen sometime, someway. I loved this to pieces. Thank you!
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