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for I See A Darkness

5/10 c16 57titepuce5929
Thank you for finishing this story, I really like this ending so it's far from imperfect for me ;)
It's really a great story you can be proud of and I would enjoy bonus chapter so I will keep it in my followed stories as well as in my favorites ;)
5/9 c16 Hannah
Sensational story :) Thank you for writing it!
5/9 c16 Kathy
I thought the ending was just fine, quite good actually, and appreciate that you continued and finished this story, it was really good, thanks for the entertainment, please keep writing and sharing,
5/9 c16 90liliaeth
I love that you didn't have the entire BAU find out the truth. And that Garcia found out about Chuck's books.
5/9 c16 Sage of Wind Dragons
good continued fic! and him deliberately looking away was good work as well, it can always be difficult balancing that.
so wonderful work really. a case fice and the complciations it causes and yeah.

over all just thank you for the COMPLETED story.
5/8 c15 10michael in the bathroom
I'm excited for the next chapter!
5/2 c15 ficklefic
Oh, no! I am at the end and this was just updated. I hope you have lots of time on your hands and you are feeling creative! I love how this is going and I am wondering how Sam and Dean are going to be able to make a clean exit.
5/2 c9 ficklefic
Note: I love dialog heavy chapters if the author is good at character dialogs. Since I feel like I am watching a video when I read your stuff, let the dialog flow like a rushing river... or a smooth babbling brook :-)
5/2 c2 ficklefic
This had me giggling like a kid during the Penelope / Dean part... especially when Sam came up behind Spencer. Loved it.
5/1 c15 1Beloved Daughter
Interesting story! I look forward to reading more!
4/28 c15 6Dobby and Padfoot
Great chapter! I'm excited to see what happens next. Thanks for the update! :)
4/26 c15 5Katerine-M
Yes! I was so looking forward to another chapter. Looks like Reid is finally fully up to speed, though he may have trouble convincing Morgan now that Glenn is gone. Unless Ricky becomes a ghost? Is he dead? Thank you for updating, hope you're ok and healthy, and I look forward to seeing more!
4/26 c15 Guest
i noticed this hasn’t been up dated since 2011 and that really sucks because this story was so good and exactly what i was looking for and i was wondering if you planned on finishing it? please, it’s so good.
4/25 c15 Kathy
so great to read another chapter in this exciting cross-over and what a great chapter, such good action, nice how it goes back and forth between the two scene locations, intense and suspense, more please, thank you for the entertainment, stay safe
4/25 c15 anja.quickert.9
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