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for I See A Darkness

4/25 c15 57titepuce5929
Amazing as always ! I love this chapter :)
4/24 c15 22Slytherin Studios
I like it, nicely done.
4/24 c15 KaarlaaXD
Oh man, I'm conflicted over whether I'm happy about Morgan not seeing the ghost or not. It would have been cool to have him and Spencer bond over it, but it would majorly fuck with Morgan's religious views
4/24 c15 ManicTater
I was so excited to see there was an update. It was awesome
4/24 c15 TheEdifier
oooh! lotsa action this chapter. thanks for all your hard work!
4/16 c14 KaarlaaXD
I didn't get a chance to reread this until today but I'm so glad it's back! I was so happy when I got the email notification that this updated! This is a really great fic and I'm excited to see what you write next :)
4/15 c14 anja.quickert.9
4/9 c14 6Alyss Penedo
4/4 c14 Anon jr
This is a really good story.
Almost didn't bother since I don't watch Criminal Minds and know nothing about it, but I'm glad I gave it a chance.
Although I'm hoping you update faster than your average now.
4/3 c14 TheEdifier
4/1 c14 6Voldy's pink teddy
I'm glad that Sam seems to have gotten loose. And Reid figured it out! Well, partially. He's still hoping that he came to those conclusions because of a head injury, and I can't blame him. It's a lot to swallow for someone who doesn't strike me as someone who puts much stock in superstition.
4/1 c14 Hobo
I'm loving this story! It's so well written. The interviews in the station were on point! I could hear the characters voices and loved every second of it. Please keep writing. You're awesome!
3/31 c14 Kathy
so great to read a new chapter in this so very interesting intense story, wow I think Reid has a good handle on what's happening and great that he figured out where to go, yikes poor Dean, hope Sam has enough energy left to get to his bag, and hope Reid gets to Dean in time to help too, thank you so much and looking forward to the next chapter, so entertaining, such a good plot and good writing, thanks
3/31 c14 22Slytherin Studios
I like it, nicely done.
3/31 c14 57titepuce5929
Yes, Dean would do anything for his little bro, but the opposite is also true. Sammy is angry and in need of demon blood, it won't be pretty. Let's hope Reid will choose his timing right. As for all the chapters from the beginning, this one is awesome and I spent a really good time reading it.
Take care until next time :)
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