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2/5 c24 Guest
I am
6/9/2022 c24 punkerocker07
I’m still here
3/28/2022 c24 idwalkthroughhell4u
I know the fandom isn't as popular as it use to be but there are still some diehards out there that continue to read, review and thankfully a few like you, write. No matter what fandom I'm reading I always find myself coming back to this one as there are so many fantastic stories and incredible writers. I really hope you continue to write and finish this great and realistic story. I myself read using the mobile app so it's hit or miss if I'm signed in to review. I appreciate you checking in to see if interest is still there. Please please please post some more of this story :)
3/12/2022 c24 K1989
Yes yes yes
3/11/2022 c24 NNN
3/10/2022 c24 1Chantelle89
Still here and waiting for more
3/8/2022 c24 FufuTheFallenAngel
3/7/2022 c24 L2GQ
Yes, come back soon.
3/7/2022 c23 Snls
1/1/2019 c23 Irishgrl33
Fantastic update!
9/10/2017 c22 GoingBonkers
Just reread this ...they are so adorable together! I hope you can update soon! Thanks!
8/30/2017 c21 karendu06
Hello yes i like very much to know the rest please :)
8/30/2017 c21 lovegun1983
Yes finish the story please
8/30/2017 c21 qreshonna87
Please finish it
8/30/2017 c21 K1989
Continue this one too please!
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