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for Jason's Choice: Friends, Enemies, or Lovers? CANCELLED

8/23/2011 c9 17bummersummer
Yeah, ive decided I like Emma instead. I dont know why. Sorry about your mom not respecting your privacy, I had to make another email account for my fanfiction to keep away from her prying eyes. But good job on the chapter, so please take your time and continue.
5/3/2011 c8 Le Mort Vivant
Mel: *heart*

Kay: Oh those lucky people...oh well YEAH ANOTHER RED HEAD! 8D (we shall build an army and fuck Jason's brains out!) lmfao!

Tia: Love the chapter, update soon! :)

p.s. Kayla starting an army full of red heads is not a good thing...BEWARE WORLD! YOU'RE ALL GOING TO BE RAPED! (if your a guy at least)
4/30/2011 c8 bummersummer
That was hot.. I hope he gets a lover! I sorta like Amy, even though thats kinda of a whore name sometimes. But if a family member is named Amy, sorry I offensed you

Anyhoo. You. Rock. My. Whirly. World.
4/20/2011 c1 Le Mort Vivant
Hey! its Kay!

(for your 'New friends or Lovers' story)

well if Jayjay wants to do in in private (meaning behind a tree, in a cabin...under a bridge by the lake! lol) i mean me being agressive as pushing him to the floor or tree or wall or whatever...or just binding him up!...and how your may be wondering? Hell I carry handcuffs around with me!

Tia: she actually does...

Kay: Hey, you never know when your going to need them! *winks*

So, basically it'll be me raping him! xD Oh that should be fun! AND how would i do it?...well as i said, chain him up to something while hes distracted and have my way with him! xD

hugz with rough making out

(byez from Kay!) 3
4/16/2011 c7 bummersummer
This is hot. Is it Freddy/Jason? Hope so!
4/3/2011 c7 50Rurrlock-God of Power
Gruesome, but cool death scenes. Can't wait for more.
4/2/2011 c7 Le Mort Vivant
Tia: Ooh! 8D Long chapter, YAY! Of course as i always say (and i always do) Love the chapter...and kill scenes...I HEART DA BLOOD GOODNESS! xD

Kay: xD Hell i must be a cat too, because i love the sasuages! lmfao

basiclly (a shorter way of saying everything) awesome story! :D
3/16/2011 c1 4Angel's Anthem
Wonderful introduction to your first story! I already sense a successful achievement within this! I adore your detail and I can't wait to read more and find out what Jason chooses! :)
3/15/2011 c6 50Rurrlock-God of Power
Hey, sorry about the late review. I'm enjoying this so far, pretty cool that you've got Freddy involved now. I'm a little mixed on the whole Jason talking thing, but then again I guess Freddy could have the power to do that, and it is your fic so you do what you want. Can't wait for more.
3/14/2011 c6 Le Mort Vivant
Ooh really really like it...cool sex scene too, vivid! xD

please write more!

and as usual your awesome! :)
3/8/2011 c5 Le Mort Vivant
Tia: Of course i love it! YAY JASON TALKS and Ooh he has a Mr. Teddy! *makes a fan-girl squeal* Ahhhh! so cute!

Melissa: aww he wants to love someone!

Kaylas not here right now but if she was its pretty obviouse that she would say somehting around the lines of "theres going to be a sex scene! Hurry up and write it!"
2/25/2011 c4 Le Mort Vivant
(Kayla)I AM AN AMERICAN! NOT AN AMERI-CAN'T!...you'd be surprised what i can 'do' *sneaky look*

(Melissa) You should heard the voice Tia makes when she's being the general! XD Awesome story! of course i love it!

(ME/Tia) 1 word to describe your story...AWESOMENESS! :D
2/25/2011 c3 Rurrlock-God of Power
I'm really liking this so far, can't wait to see more!
2/23/2011 c2 Le Mort Vivant
Hey its me! RoseTheHorrorLover/Tia! :D read your story and i really really like it! please x100 write some more...you seem to have an awesome beginning.

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