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for Dustfinger or Dusty?

12/14/2014 c3 59Ghanaperu
Lol! I think this is the funniest chapter out of the three, and yes - I definitely liked it. :)
12/14/2014 c2 Ghanaperu
Hahaha. I love the line "the appearance of the please does not make a difference". That's an awesome line! And, not knowing the character and therefore not having any picture in my head of what he looks like - I have to say that he sounds really cute in this. (Sorry Dustfinger!)

Thanks for sharing this story with us!
12/14/2014 c1 Ghanaperu
I've never heard of this fandom, but I like your writing. I can almost see this "Dustfinger" in my head, see him scowling at you even though he means no real harm. Anyway, it was funny - and I am always fascinated by the unique relationship we writers manage to develop with fictional characters we love...you did a good job illustrating that here.

Thanks for writing!
11/29/2013 c1 Nadia Wilder
Dear Radha24,
This is a not so laconic review. And because I find this conversation hilarious, I'll cut down on the big words, because I realize that some of these words can be VERY complicated. Personally, I do feel partially bad for Dustfinger, because that must be extremely annoying to be called Dusty. Especially when there's like over 15326 people on this website, and each day I'm sure plenty of people have visited this story, laughed and then begin calling Dustfinger, Dusty, and that is rather.. impragmatic. In other words, irritating. I mean, truth be told, I'm not saying that you had better stop calling him that, but that is pretty annoying. I did laugh at your other story, "Conversations with Dustfinger," because it was pretty funny. I would make this MUCH longer, but I decided against it, for, I don't want to take up too much room, so you can fit in other reviews. -Nadia Wilder
4/9/2011 c3 LostInMyMind98
I didn't like it...I LOVED IT! Yay now I can call Dustfinger Dusty.Its a lot easier than typing Dustfinger.
3/20/2011 c3 1MUGETSU211TENSHOU
pREtty good...preety good...UPDATE SOON!^^
3/14/2011 c3 Elizabeth
Hi Radha! It's me, Elizabeth from CFF! I just wanted to drop by and say hi. XDDD
3/10/2011 c3 62Sauron Gorthaur
*giggle* Yes, that's probably not to far from how he would react to being called "Dusty". Poor Dustfinger, he's always getting his name made fun of, by Elinor, by Basta. No wonder he's a little snippy about this.

But seriously though, it was quite a humorous little piece. The idea of Dustfinger reading threads on fan sites devoted to him is fun, and I liked it his reaction to being compared to Basta. I can't hardly imagine how angry that would make him. And even though this is clearly meant to be humorous, and Dustfinger is somewhat OOC for humorous effect, he still retains some of his characteristics, like his temper which can flare up so quickly, but can also be appeased fairly quickly. These conversations reminded me of some of his quarrels with Farid in the books.

And you can tell Dustfinger from me that he is indeed the bestest and awesomest character in Inkworld. And give him a big hug from me, too :)

Keep on writing!

-Sauron Gorthaur
2/25/2011 c3 alaskadog
I just love your stories, radha24. They make me laugh every time I read them. Keep writing...it'll get you somewhere in the future :)
2/23/2011 c3 9Your Sugar Sits Untouched
All right, I've seen 'CFF' mentioned a few times in the fandom now. What is it, exactly?

And when you say "tape," would this be an audio recording, or video recording? Either way, the format is a little screwed up. The beginning is in first person, then the rest is in script format (which is technically against the site's guidelines, but I won't rat you out for it, because I've done script format as well...).

Either way, this is a fairly enjoyable read.

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