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for Things I Am Not Allowed To Do In Power Rangers

8/22/2019 c50 Mean and Green
This is a 'gut-busting' hilarious read; I enjoyed binge-reading this in one setting! It's a shame that no one has yet to recommend it on 'TV Tropes' under 'Fanfic Recs / Power Rangers'... another example of a 'Things You Are Not Allowed to Do' trope, inspired by the original 'Skippy's List'!

I would LOVE to see every past actor/actress (and still-living actor/actress, may God rest their deceased souls) read through this entire list on like a web series/video (Power Rangers Hyperforce!) or something (preferably with visual aids; it'll be quite some time before even the most hardcore fans can understand every reference) - even break it down to their respective casts.

And even though this list has reached 1000, I just thought I add my own as of year 2019, based on 'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars'.

1001(?). "Should the Morphin Grid ever be infected by virtual monsters and reprogrammed Ranger clones due to the machinations of any evil entity, DO NOT upload ANY form of video game programmes in an attempt to 'fix' the Morphin Grid, or in an attempt for any other form of mischief whatsoever. The following programmes include but are not limited to:
-Platform games
-Shooter games
-Fighting games
-Beat 'em up games
-Stealth games
-Survival games
-Battle Royale
-Rhythm games
-Survival horror
-Visual novels
-Action RPG
-Tactical RPG
-Sandbox RPG
-First-person party-based RPG
-Construction and management simulation
-Life simulation
-Vehicle simulation
-Artillery game
-Real-time strategy (RTS)
-Real-time tactics (RTT)
-Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
-Tower defense
-Turn-based strategy (TBS)
-Turn-based tactics (TBT)
-Sports games
-Sports-based fighting
-Party games
-Trivia games
-Board/Card games
-Seriously, DON'T. For a malignant virus to be inside the Morphin Grid is already designated a maximum security crisis/threat."
4/6/2015 c1 Rjoy11
"I will NEVER call Captain Mutiny 'Captain Gutt', no matter HOW similar they are. The dude's got an arm cannon, and he's not afraid to use it"

"I will not play matchmaker for Divatox and Captain Mutiny. Divatox has BBBAAADDD luck with love"
4/1/2015 c15 Rjoy11
(#290) Eh...I don't know...Divatox in the same room as Mutiny? The result is obvious: One dead Divatox.

I mean, yes, there IS a chance I ship the two...Then again, she looks better with Hexuba
4/1/2015 c14 Rjoy11
Can I guess the unnamed fanfic (#269) one should never mention is 'Agony in Pink'?

I pray to God no one ever decides to make a version that's...*shudder* Captain Mutiny x Karone.
3/30/2015 c37 Rjoy11

Well, how about Rosie AND Divatox become mentors for the Pirate Power Rangers.

Captain Mutiny could be, like, the main villain.
9/20/2014 c1 MewLover
Amazingly funny
4/21/2013 c3 4Swiftwing1
Say I will not call Tommy the rainbow ranger
-or anyone else
-even if they are
3/31/2013 c50 1reading lover222
lol I'm not sure if anyone has said this one
what not to do in power rangers : I shall not replace all the red rangers' battleizers with bedazzlers even though the enemy would be very shiny
3/30/2013 c21 Um.I'm bored
The sailor senshi would be awesome power rangers! Just saying.
10/9/2012 c2 RainbowFluffBall
*Goes and writes Bridge's sayings all over the walls*

What was that sir?

10/9/2012 c1 RainbowFluffBall
Oh my god. I'm really laughing my head off now.
7/11/2012 c3 150Green Gallant
XD Oh wow this story is hilarious. I'll admit there were a few things that sailed over my head. Some of them I get just from casual observance though. This is great. :D

-Telling him to fetch anything is the number one way to get kicked out of SPD. XD

Rita does not weigh the same as a duck. Um...wha? And what about drawing an H on Alex when he's asleep? O_o I'm guessing the origami unicorns are in refrence to Data?

-Nor may I reset them myself, "just to see what happens."

-In fact, using the phrase "just to see what happens" is automatic permission for anyone to tackle me to the floor.

28. I will not nickname RJ "Doctor Smith." I'm guessing that's Doctor Who? Oh boy this is a great story. I'm going to read some more. :D
11/1/2011 c25 66Pink Wolf Princess
Yay! These were all awesome.

But I am sad your PM messaging is taken down. What's wrong?
9/6/2011 c50 Guest
That was great! I especially liked the Potter puppet pals and Doctor Who references :)
9/1/2011 c50 7qwerty avelat
awesomeness! I'm so glad you reached 1000 this was so funny!
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