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5/28/2011 c2 7Naruhina7799
Oh dear God... Palm tree V.S. Wrench throwing Slut? Palm tree FTW! I loved this story. It was very amusing. So much to laugh at, so little time. This was time well wast- I mean spent... XD

The-tiny-turned-big-made-small-again-12-people-but-13-people-fit-in-it-anyway-office? Really? How does that work? The most randomest thing I have ever read. EVER. But I love it anyway.
4/7/2011 c2 6St. Iggy the Pyro
That made no sense whatsoever. I LOVED IT!
3/17/2011 c1 8Admin Tesla
major rotflolysst
2/27/2011 c1 11Queen NekoChan
reviewing my own story is strange, don't you think? so is acting like I'm another person. you know, this is starting to get really weird... I'm gonna stop confusing myself now. anyway, you know that there are parts that need to be fixed. so fix them. NOW.
2/24/2011 c1 19RintinDestiny
This was definetly one of the more...intersting fanfics! It gave me a laugh though! HAHA I can't wait for more!

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