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for Deal with the Devil

9/2/2012 c7 Keller Karma
Was it Ciel's dress? And it's in Greek.
8/16/2012 c8 Guest
Keep writing plz!
12/29/2011 c7 TheLampInTheDark
Is it Ciel's dress? the one he used as a disguise when they are investigating about the Jack the Ripper case?
11/4/2011 c7 Amy girl
Ok one I hate reading greek two I'm pretty sure she was wearing a dress and three you should totally use Astrid ciel's sister who (died)
7/9/2011 c7 5Musoka-chan7497
Omg i love this story! Its as if it was actually part of the anime series! * gives a bunch of cookies* Plz write more! I gotta know what happens next! *if u do i might giv ya Sebby shaped cookies! ^u^*
6/21/2011 c7 9Asile3762
I swear if you abandon this I'm a going to set Claude and Sebastian on you in both there demon forms with their rape faces on!

But ...* smiles innocently

Please continue with the story I like it alot please write more soon!
6/15/2011 c7 3hellhound14
the story is well written it seems like it has no plot but it adds to the awesomeness because i write my stories like that it help you think of other minor details than the whole plot :D weldone you are on my fave list
6/15/2011 c1 EffinPoptarts
Umm.. People? CielxLizzy is considered incest because they are cousins.. Well that was accepted in the Victorian era because noblemen married noble ladies.. Even if they're cousins
6/15/2011 c7 5Syria13
All i know that it translates to 'Anyone who has a fan already knows what is the answer' in greek
5/22/2011 c6 16HaruhiUsangie0808
I have no freakin clue where he could have gone but I'm sensing he has a reason. I'm loving this as it rolls! Amelia needs to get the truth out somehow! cant wait whats gong to happen! oh and love the sexy approach with sebastian! keep it rolling!


5/21/2011 c6 9I Hate You When You Breathe
i LOVE this story so far! awesome! update soon!:D
5/20/2011 c6 1iLuvsHetalia
OMG! I am so obsessesd with Hetalia tooo! I 3 America, Latvia & Greece! Also love the chapter! I think Sebastian disappeared... 0.0

P.S. I am Liana-chan; I forgot to sign in when I reviewed this story (:
5/3/2011 c5 16HaruhiUsangie0808
Good comedic refill! I lovede how she was like "jesus please save me" I cracked my ass off. I mean she was so desperate that she called him considering that she is a demon XD lol well youre wlecome! I truly mean it you got the spark but you just need to get more ideas for this! if youd like to get ideas you can always use other fics or even movies. you can use my fic if you'd like. :D ahhh sebastians rape face! gotta love it! ok getting long here Im in the middle of math calss and Im reviewing hahahaha! hope you had a great vacation!


4/26/2011 c1 11PpinstripeE
dude i didnt read your story but i wanna set you straight lizzy and ciel arnt related not that im complaining about sebXciel i love that pairing but its not incest anyway in the victorian era that wouldent be accepted and lizzy and ciel are a public couple
4/23/2011 c2 1iLuvsHetalia
Amazing! I love it! :)
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