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for Word Prompt Drabble Series

11/5/2011 c8 34Kurt's Anatomy
Haha love this. Prompt Words: Dolphin, Wardrobe, Sam, Spain, Computer
10/2/2011 c7 57karatekid1018
ok, i gotta prompt for you. i actually have something specific in mind for this, so when u see the words, my challenge for you is to see if you understand what im hinting at. heres the words:party, pretend, drink, carry, arms, angry, confession, plan. catch my drift at all ;)
9/6/2011 c7 Ashtini
Love it! Seriously cute, girl. Prompt: tie, blazer, teeth, quickly, wicked.
5/10/2011 c7 11IMimelda
It's my favorite too! Although the one with the pamphlets pretty much rocks, so it's hard to choose!
5/8/2011 c7 9TCHeart
Awwww I love this one :')

I love reading these when you update, they're short and sweet. Perfect :D
5/8/2011 c7 18Desuke-Love
Awww XD so cute! Love it!
5/3/2011 c6 11IMimelda
Wow, how cool to put the words I Love and You into the poem at equal intervals, and in a different language so they stand alone.  

The fact that those three words in a row is not how they say I love you in Spanish only makes it more poetic.  Imagine doing the same thing with something in English that would have the same grammatical effect, maybe like the words You Sad Never, or We Happiness Always or something.  It's cool!

This poem was really sweet and crafty at the same time. It flows really nicely and gives a warm feeling even from the metre. (And yeah, being someone's arborway is just as much a compliment as being their muse! Sweet.)
5/3/2011 c5 IMimelda
Again such clever placement of prompt words! Seventy seven convertible! Awesome. I like that you have Kurt into restoring cars! The story wasn't awkward at all. It was a short vignette that was super cute.
5/3/2011 c4 IMimelda
I laughed out loud when you put the armadillo on a shirt!  Nice placement of a prompt word! Armadillo shirt! On Kurt though, it works.

How adorable and adventuresome that they slept outside without a tent and watched the sunrise.
5/3/2011 c3 IMimelda
I love Blaine's POV.  Who ever knows what that boy is thinking? I bet Darren has to guess, for each scene he shoots, because they never know what they're going to do with him come the next script! Or so it seems.  

He's kind of awesome in this drabble here! Puppy love. Awww
4/16/2011 c6 18Desuke-Love
Ah, these are so cute! ^^

I has some words ^^

passionate, eviscerate, pop tart, bedazzle, melancholy, moisturise, infancy

Yeah, random lol. Hope to see you use them in the future! ^^
4/16/2011 c5 11galaxyeyed
Yay! Thank you! So cute! And you managed to make it work! *claps* Im so glad you updated, I've been waiting for literally ever.
4/15/2011 c2 TheImmortalNemesis
these drabbles are awesome here are some words : dapper, sue, touch, awesome, wes, david, gun, burt, finn, passionate, punch,

sorry for all the character listing but i would love all of these people to be in chapter together with blaine and kurt i have a feeling that it could be rather hilarious :)

please update soon can't wait for another chapter :)
3/28/2011 c2 wecouldmakestars
These are amazing... here are some words for you:)








3/19/2011 c2 31kewliobeans
I really like what you have so far. My words are: Brittany, plaid, unicorn, shark, birds, noodles, and moose.
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