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6/28/2020 c7 1GhostReality
I think you made a spelling error. It’s Gryffindor.
2/1/2020 c8 1XXXBloodyTearDropzOfSadnessXXX
lol Carrie sure taught Abraxas a thing or too
2/1/2020 c1 XXXBloodyTearDropzOfSadnessXXX
This is really good:)
10/13/2017 c17 7Wonders and Madness
Absolutley amazing story...
10/5/2017 c5 Wonders and Madness
Oh my god I loved this chapter
10/5/2017 c4 Wonders and Madness
Amazing story so far...I love every second of it...my one critique is you got the version of Sweet Dreams wrong. You wrote down Marilyn Manson's version not The Eurythmics
10/6/2016 c5 Lord Asmodeus
If only you wrote this when you were a few years older.
12/5/2014 c4 2Moranx3
Ooh, finally.
12/5/2014 c3 Moranx3
...Tom and Carrie sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
First comes marriage,
Then comes a baby in a -
Tom: Silencio!
Awesome! This is bound to be interesting
4/24/2014 c16 Alexis Hunter-Knight
Update sooooon for the sake if my sanity!
4/24/2014 c14 Alexis Hunter-Knight
4/23/2014 c12 Alexis Hunter-Knight
Actually Dumbles is wrong, it is not in the past but infact the future! (Lol) btw I spelt Dumbles instead of Dumbledore on purpose!
4/23/2014 c8 Alexis Hunter-Knight
lol! i like how u wrote carrie's feelings and what the magic feels like!
3/15/2014 c18 18Brainstormandthethinker
Since the very beginning this has been one of my favourite crossover, even though I have never bothered to read most of the others. I only had a little bit of trouble following it through for example: – understanding that in this adaptation of events Tom Riddle is not a villain/antagonist. Until chapter 16 there was nothing that I disliked about this story, I love the way how you described the family intrigue, the point of views, the beautiful clothes and the fact that Carrie White has a new extended family will always look out for her. I also like the custom characters you created for the Wizarding world. Also it is quite clear that you definitely have some good knowledge of ancient folklore which you obviously referred to in order to put this story together.

It wasn't until I got to chapter 17 and 18 that I didn't like the conclusion of the story very much. Let's say it was a little bit too warm and eccentric for my tastes. I would imagine that if the resolution of this story had taken a different course of direction or the Slytherin Triquetra chapters had been omitted, I would have liked this well enough to favourite this story and proactively recommend it to any other Carrie fan fiction reader/contact. - Still at the end of the day Good Work!
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