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for A Slight Misunderstanding

2/28/2011 c1 6geemcgee



I remember watching them both back to back and tutting loudly at the director - he was a little cheeky, but the stories themselves are, surprisingly similar...

awesome once again...
2/27/2011 c1 31KLCtheBookWorm
I would tell you that I'm sorry but Mom raised me to never tell a lie. ;) LOL

He figures he can forgive the poor fellow, however; he does after all have a very nice hat. - *Snicker* We all think so, and I'm glad it has the Hatter seal of approval.
2/27/2011 c1 82Bookworm Gal
This is far more entertaining than it has any right to be. I could totally see this happening (probably due to one of Glitch's inventions tossing the pair into Wonderland). I absolutely loved it.
2/26/2011 c1 Kuesel72
The sheer amount of trouble those two women could get into together is almost painful (for Hatter and Cain, anyhow - poor Gulch would probably just curl up into a ball and cry). Really, the possibilities are endless and entertaining!

Crossovers, done well, aren't evil and I really liked this story.
2/25/2011 c1 Dreamingdreams
:) I love it! I wouldn`t want to see who would win that fight between Hatter and Cain. Find it funny that Cain didn`t put down his gun even after DG turned up. Guess he doesn`t trust Hatter ...yet
*laughing* Sure Hatter we love your hate but Cain`s is nice too. Even if you don`t think it is.
So how does DG know Alice is my question. I think you did a great crossover! I really liked it! :D
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