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for Hunt For The Mystical Medals

1/26/2012 c69 10Twilight Kyu
Cool! Sagozo Combo is here! And it gets even better that Gotoh decides to become O's ally for real.

I was a bit disappointed when Yomiko shows up, but only for a while. Other than that, great chapter.

Keep it up!
1/25/2012 c69 33Enji86
Kougami and baking a cake. XD

It was so funny imagining O's told his speech in the middle of his battle. Shiho should have sweatdropped at that.

1/20/2012 c68 10Twilight Kyu
Ouch, that must've really hurt for Gotoh.

Right now, Kyuji and Ankh have got to do something with the Yummy and Nenene, who's possibly the Yummy's host.

Keep it up!
1/16/2012 c68 33Enji86
New ally for O's? I'm curious.

Do Kyuji's past is important for his fight against greeds?

I wonder how Shiho convince Nenene.

1/10/2012 c67 Enji86
Gotoh, he's jealous and then become stupid.

I hope O's survive the blast, if not, this story will end as tragedy. XD

1/7/2012 c66 10Twilight Kyu
Dude, you got me very excited when I see Nenene! I missed ROD The TV!

Good job so far, hope to see more ROD casts.

Keep it up!
1/5/2012 c66 33Enji86
Hmm, if Ankh think that using the same type of core medal is dangerous for O's, then why he gave Kyuji 3 Mezuru's core medals in this chapter?

I hope Ai will have more role because she has many potential, I think. XD

1/5/2012 c65 Enji86
OMG! I missed this chapter.

Actually a few days ago, I wondered why the author didn't update this story as fast as usual. But it turned out that I'm the one who missed the update. XD

Err... Why Kaito was so interested with Shinichi to the point that he became Shinichi's stalker?

Didn't Kaito have a life?

12/20/2011 c65 10Twilight Kyu

Guess who's back?

Man, I never thought I've missed so much! The bombing arc really got me, literally.

Hope to see more, can't wait to see who's going to make a guest appearance in the next arc.

Keep it up!
12/15/2011 c64 33Enji86
This arc was interesting.

I wonder why Gotoh seems to dislike O's.

And I'm curious what Uva up to with a writer.

12/14/2011 c64 1Neko Over Beyond
Great ending for this arc. I'm guessing the Black Organization is going to be recurring foes other than the Greeds.
12/11/2011 c63 33Enji86
I wonder why Vermouth helped Ai and Ankh.

But Vermouth is better than Shinichi. She can find the bomb with the journal whereas Shinichi can't.

12/8/2011 c63 1Neko Over Beyond
Whew... Vermouth actually want to help them diffusing the bombs... What a twist. I totally don't see that coming! =^_^=
12/3/2011 c62 33Enji86
So, can O's collect the cell medal by himself?

I think Irish already died?

Everything seems being more complicated.

12/1/2011 c62 1Neko Over Beyond
Irish! I haven't seen that guy for a long time. I have a bad feeling what this will turn out to be at the end.
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