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12/20/2011 c65 10Twilight Kyu

Guess who's back?

Man, I never thought I've missed so much! The bombing arc really got me, literally.

Hope to see more, can't wait to see who's going to make a guest appearance in the next arc.

Keep it up!
12/15/2011 c64 33Enji86
This arc was interesting.

I wonder why Gotoh seems to dislike O's.

And I'm curious what Uva up to with a writer.

12/14/2011 c64 1Neko Over Beyond
Great ending for this arc. I'm guessing the Black Organization is going to be recurring foes other than the Greeds.
12/11/2011 c63 33Enji86
I wonder why Vermouth helped Ai and Ankh.

But Vermouth is better than Shinichi. She can find the bomb with the journal whereas Shinichi can't.

12/8/2011 c63 1Neko Over Beyond
Whew... Vermouth actually want to help them diffusing the bombs... What a twist. I totally don't see that coming! =^_^=
12/3/2011 c62 33Enji86
So, can O's collect the cell medal by himself?

I think Irish already died?

Everything seems being more complicated.

12/1/2011 c62 1Neko Over Beyond
Irish! I haven't seen that guy for a long time. I have a bad feeling what this will turn out to be at the end.
11/27/2011 c61 Neko Over Beyond
I knew it, Teiji is the host all along.
11/27/2011 c61 33Enji86
I bet Ankh will go after Teiji, but if that's true, he won't get cell medals from the same yummies. Or Kyuji can collect the cell medals, too?

If Teiji use Taka Candroid to plant the bombs, maybe Ankh and co. can use Taka Candroid too to find the bombs.

11/20/2011 c60 Enji86
Why Ankh suddenly capable of taking down yummy? Not only that, he even get two yummies?

Why Bourbon and Vermouth show up?

Why Teiji doesn't blow up Shinichi's house for revenge?

11/16/2011 c60 1Neko Over Beyond
You go Ankh! Take on those Yummies like a man XD
11/12/2011 c59 Neko Over Beyond
Anyone who had watched the original Kamen Rider OOO will know who Maki was...
11/12/2011 c59 10Twilight Kyu
So only three chapters? I thought that it would be 4 or 5 Chapters, but oh well.

Now Kiyoto Maki finally show up...

Keep it up!
11/11/2011 c59 33Enji86
Why Ran tagged along with Kyuji and Shiho? I think she's not interested in crime. She always tag along with Kogoro because she should keep an eye on Conan.

When Kyuji running after the same yummy, what happened with Shiho and Ran? Do they just go home?

Will Kiyoto Maki notice that there're scientist too in Ankh's group (Professor Agasa and Shiho)? Will he interested in them too?

11/4/2011 c58 10Twilight Kyu
So Mezuru is the 'Greed' for this arc. I think her Yummy has some kind of special ability, so it's possible that Teiji is the Yummy's host.

Keep it up!
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