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for Hunt For The Mystical Medals

10/2/2011 c50 33Enji86
I really want to know What is Kougami's agenda and what are his intentions.

Ankh with the DB? I hope it's funny arc.

9/29/2011 c50 10Twilight Kyu
They got the Lion medal and beat up both Gameru and the Yummy. Cool!

Hope that Ranma and Akane will get together again.

Can't wait for the next arc!

Keep it up!
9/24/2011 c49 1Neko Over Beyond
I did expect Ankh to fall into a trap, though.
9/24/2011 c49 Twilight Kyu
How will Ankh get out of that mess while O's is not around to help him?

Keep it up!
9/23/2011 c49 33Enji86
Well, Shinichi's intention was good, but his way was very dangerous.

If Uva can 'finish' Ankh, then he'll 'finish', too, right?

It can't be helped if Ankh fall for the trap. He's greed after all.

9/18/2011 c48 Enji86
I wonder how Heiji and Kogoro will convince the police about the greed.

And same as Gotoh, I wonder why Kougami give O's a core medal and I wonder how Kougami get that core medal.

Very mysterious.

9/17/2011 c48 10Twilight Kyu
Okay, I totally didn't see that coming. I honestly got surprised by Ranma 1/2 appearance in this arc. This should be interesting.

Keep it up!
9/13/2011 c47 1Neko Over Beyond
So the Greeds are slowly learning to adapt with modern technology. That sounds pretty bad and they even found more on Shinichi Kudo. At this rate, they might try target on Shinichi's friends especially Ran Mori.
9/12/2011 c47 33Enji86
Wah, I'm really curious about what happens next.

It'll be interesting to see the greeds crazy about human technology.

9/11/2011 c47 10Twilight Kyu
Now the Greed is using technology, that's a problem.

Keep it up!
9/7/2011 c46 1Neko Over Beyond
Yeah, great powers like that always have its downside.

I liked the Gatakiriba form action, reminds me a lot of Naruto's shadow clone jutsu.

Now I'm really interested with series you're gonna use for the next arc. Can it be someone from Pani Poni? It's one of my favorite mangas/animes.
9/7/2011 c46 10Twilight Kyu
Just like the original show, whenever Kyuji uses the 'combo form' like the Gatakiriba, it would make him more stressed and fatigued easily.

This is starting to get even better!

Keep it up!
9/6/2011 c46 33Enji86
Well, I hope Ankh will give Kougami a payback by outwitted him someday.

I just don't like seeing Ankh controlled by someone. XD

By the way, when will Ankh get his core medal back? One medal will be good. Or will it ruin the fic if he ever get one?

9/1/2011 c45 Enji86
Hmm, next chapter will be fun.

I can't wait for it.

9/1/2011 c45 10Twilight Kyu
Right inside Mami Honda's house...

Okay, why didn't I thought about that in the first place?

Anyway, now it's a matter of time for Kamen Rider O's to take care of the Yummy's nest.

Keep it up!
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