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for Hunt For The Mystical Medals

8/1/2011 c40 10Twilight Kyu
This is just plain cool. I love this arc. Keep up with the original arcs, but of course, it's time to get back to the main arcs of the fic.

Keep it up!
8/1/2011 c40 1Neko Over Beyond
Well, this is surprisingly an interesting arc. I really liked it. Will you be planning to make Ryo a cameo in your future chapter?
7/31/2011 c39 Neko Over Beyond
Okay, one question here: why does Big Mac waits until tomorrow morning to kill Ryo? He just missed an opportunity. Or is he planning something to get rid of him?
7/31/2011 c38 Neko Over Beyond
Funny chapter, that's kinda sums up this chapter.
7/31/2011 c37 Neko Over Beyond
Intense... So much intense...
7/31/2011 c39 33Enji86
Why Big Mac want to wait until tomorrow morning to finish Ryo?

He can easily kill anyone on the spot, so why?

7/29/2011 c38 Enji86
This chapter is so funny and the end is so cliffy.

That Big Mac guy really likes to kill people, doesn't he?

7/29/2011 c38 10Twilight Kyu
This not going well, Ankh had better do something or else the hostages wil be killed.

Keep it up!
7/29/2011 c37 Twilight Kyu
Sorry for the late review, I was pretty busy lately.

Anyway, about time Ryo and O's team up though it's going to get tough with the hostages around.

Keep it up!
7/25/2011 c37 33Enji86
Wow, I'm looking forward to Ankh vs Terrorist Leader.

7/22/2011 c36 Enji86
I don't know why it's difficult to fight the terrorists. I mean they can't shot O's right? Or maybe Kyuji's hero complex will get in the way?

And even if Shiho has feelings for Shinichi, it won't matter much to Ran because Shinichi loves Ran and Shiho won't pursue Shinichi romantically.

7/22/2011 c36 1Neko Over Beyond
Knowing Phantom Thief Kid, I bet he's planning something to get those 'medals.'
7/22/2011 c36 10Twilight Kyu
Oh great, the battle's get even tougher. If Kid isn't there helping Ankh and O', things would've looked grim. I wonder what he's up to...

Keep it up!
7/19/2011 c35 33Enji86
Poor Ryo, lost his wallet and got so much trouble.

I feel bad for the terrorists because they'll face O's and Ankh.

7/19/2011 c35 1Neko Over Beyond
Interesting premise, I never watched Kamen Riders but from the way you catch the atmosphere of Kamen Rider OOO, I might give it a try to watch.

Keep it up!
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