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6/24/2011 c27 10Twilight Kyu
So Kazari finally shows up face-to-face, now O's got two things to worry about.

Keep it up!
6/23/2011 c28 33Enji86
If I were Ankh, I'll accept Kazari's offer. That would be more profitable.

Except Ankh loves Kyuji, there's no way Ankh will reject Kazari's offer. Or there is?

I wonder what is Ran's role in this arc after she knew everything.

6/21/2011 c27 Enji86
Hmm, it become more complicated, especially Kyuji vs Ankh.

I'm looking forward for the next chapter.

6/18/2011 c26 10Twilight Kyu
Whoa... The actions in this chapter rocks. Ankh... Still seflish like the original, just hope there aren't too many casualties.

Keep it up!
6/17/2011 c26 33Enji86
So it means, if the yummy already mature, there's no hope of saving Yui's life?

I hope Kyuji can save her. He already felt so useless in Hinamizawa case. He'll lose his confidence as a hero if he can't save anyone.

I'm so curious about what happens next and BO's Taka Candroids.

6/14/2011 c25 Enji86
Oh, Ankh is so 'sick'. Now, I really want him with Shiho, so badly. XD.

I don't understand how big is Yui's desire. I mean she already got what she wants. It's different from Ran's case, because Ran can't see Shinichi, that's why Ran's desire is strong. But Yui can get food everywhere, so why she has such desire?

And I wonder how the 'good side' will take care of BO. The BO seems invincible.

6/14/2011 c25 10Twilight Kyu
The 'parasite' Yummy has finally been unleashed... This is really bad now...

Hope Kyuchi/Kamen Rider OOO save her before things get worse.

Keep it up!
6/14/2011 c24 Twilight Kyu
I'm sorry for the late review, I was really busy lately that I wasn't able to read.

Anyway, I was surprised that K-On shows up in this fic and it looks good as ever. And Kazari... Back with his old scheme again...

Keep it up!
6/9/2011 c1 5Ayumi Yoshida
So, you're telling me this about your story because I know Dragon Ball and Detective Conan anime? I can't imagine Shinichi's hair in super saiyan, well, that might be funny uf it's blonde too. Anyway, the plot of the story is fine. But, I kinda don't understand some. Maybe I need to read more careful. I'm not good at understanding flashback stories.
6/6/2011 c24 33Enji86
This chapter is like a preparation before the action take place.

And I don't know why, since the two previous chapter, I started to imagining Ankh and Shiho as a pairing. Maybe because I'm romance fanfic writer. I know it's not a romance fanfic but I can't resist.

6/5/2011 c23 10Twilight Kyu
Good so far though I didn't expect you use references (or characters) from Up as a plot device for Kaito.

Other than that, I couldn't wait for the next part.

Keep it up!
6/3/2011 c23 33Enji86
The greeds is so cute when they're teasing Uva.

I LOL when Munutsu get a heart attack after he saw what was in the chest.

Do Kougami Foundation that stupid so BO can stole their ride vendors easily?

5/27/2011 c22 Enji86
The ending is so depressing.

I thought there'll be any survivors from the village, but the survivors are just from Tokyo.

5/27/2011 c22 10Twilight Kyu
The arc ends sadly, what a depressed ending for this arc.

Hope to see more from this fic, I started to like this even more.

Keep it up!
5/26/2011 c21 33Enji86
So good and exciting.

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