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for Hunt For The Mystical Medals

6/13/2013 c119 10Twilight Kyu
Well, that's what I called a cool way to open a story. Glad to see some detective elements for this arc. I'm curious to know about that baby, but I'll just wait and see as the mystery unfolds.

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5/13/2013 c118 Twilight Kyu
This is going to be interesting seeing that Irish is somewhat working alone. Good to see some detective work for the next chapter.

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4/23/2013 c117 Twilight Kyu
Oh boy, that's not looking very good at all...
Update soon!
3/11/2013 c116 Twilight Kyu
I have a bad feeling about this point, especially that Gin is aware of the Greeed's activity. Will he cross path with Dr. Maki? Just a speculation, by the way.

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2/18/2013 c115 Twilight Kyu
Well, it is short so I can't say much, but at least we get to see what's going to hapen next.

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2/12/2013 c114 Twilight Kyu
Well then, this should be an interesting arc. Can't say much though, but I can see it's quite refreshing. Now I'm curious to see the next crossover characters for this arc.

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1/18/2013 c113 1davespritenotdave
Oh no! Gin! Break his car please! We all know that he loves his car! Make Ankh break it or something! Please!
1/14/2013 c113 10Twilight Kyu
And now we got the Tajador Combo, the 'Lightning Bruiser' of OOO's. Now what's going to happen next now that Ankh got his medals back?

I'd vote for Shinichi to live as a separate person, it's just that he's already been 'asleep' for too long so he should have his screentime and moment.

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1/3/2013 c112 Twilight Kyu
Well, this is going to be climatic now that we're nearing the arc's conclusion. Looks like we're going to see a new combo for O's!

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12/30/2012 c111 Twilight Kyu
Not bad, it's always a good thing to take a break from the action. Just hope to see more in the next chapter.

Now how are they going to fight back the Lion-Kurage Yummy? It is sure a tough enemy.

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12/29/2012 c111 33Enji86
So, even if it's Ankh who is in Shinichi's body, he will still only take Ran with him and abandoning Shiho on her own, although he knew Shiho longer and live with her. The three of them were going together before the blast, right? And the thought about Shiho's condition after the blast didn't even cross his mind, although Shiho wasn't a superhero like Kyuji. Oh my, guys can be so vain. It's good thing that Shiho can take care of herself. LOL
Shiho should slap Heiji first, before doing any business with him again.
12/29/2012 c110 Enji86
So, Akira is from Hinamizawa Village as well? I thought it is only Natsumi.
I think Heiji should be punished. If they let him be, he will never learn a lesson and will betray them again in the future.
12/29/2012 c109 Enji86
So, that's why Kazari leave Heiji alone and let him formulate a plan with his friends. He asked Heiji to betray his friends since the beginning.
12/29/2012 c108 Enji86
Wow, I wonder how Kazuha will feels if she know she has killed somebody.
12/29/2012 c107 Enji86
Huh? Isn't the one who the BO hunt down is Sherry? Or they has found out about Shinichi, so they now hunt him down, too?
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