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for Hunt For The Mystical Medals

6/13/2012 c93 10Twilight Kyu
I should've known that Vermouth is planning to retrieve the Core Medals all along. Now things got more intense.

Keep it up!
6/12/2012 c92 33Enji86
I wonder what kind of trouble that awaits Shiho and the cell medals truck.

Will Ankh get any of his core medal in this arc?

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

6/9/2012 c92 10Twilight Kyu
So the Black Organization is after Shiho now. Kyuji and Ankh better go and find her soon before they do. I can't rule out anything if Maki knows about Vermouth and Bourbon's involvement, I'll just wait for the next chapter.


Have you got my PM yet? Do you mind reply it as soon as you can?

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6/4/2012 c91 33Enji86
It's always fun to read O's in action.

6/3/2012 c91 10Twilight Kyu
Nice twist at the end and a good ending for this arc, though it's still not over. However, things may be bad for our heroes now that Maki has his hands on Ankh's Core Medals.

Keep it up!
5/29/2012 c24 66FutureTrunksFan94
Interesting. So now Kaitou Kid knows who Shinichi is. The Higurashi Arc was pretty good except for the fact that one thing baffles me-Higurashi and Detective Conan are two different eras and worlds, so how the heck would Takano know about Shinichi being a detective? That defies explanation here and it seemed sorta OOC, so I wanted to point that out.

I regret not seeing more of Rika in the series but now we're back to Detective Conan for now. Is there a chance of possibly seeing Ran within the next few chapters? BTW, I think my new chapter is coming up soon.
5/27/2012 c90 10Twilight Kyu
This is getting more exciting now that Ankh got his Cores back. I'm guessing that means Ozu can use 'that' form.

Keep it up!
5/27/2012 c90 33Enji86
A school of yummy fishes reminds me of feeding frenzy.

By the way, where is Kyuji? It's no fun without him around.

5/26/2012 c90 1Spider.EXE
If the yummies are flying fish, shouldn't Kaito be freaking out? He has fish phobia!
5/23/2012 c89 33Enji86
What an unfortunate terrorist. Their enemy wasn't human so they can't win the battle no matter what. XD

5/22/2012 c89 10Twilight Kyu
Man, what a surprising plot twist seeing the REAL enemy behind the strings is actually Fujioka. Hopefully Kyuji/Ozu, Ankh, and Phantom Thief Kid will do something soon to stop Fujioka and the Yummies.

Keep it up!
5/16/2012 c88 33Enji86
I'm looking forward to see the yummies in the airship.

5/16/2012 c88 10Twilight Kyu
Cool, but things are far from over right now. They still got a lot of work to do before the climax of this arc.

Keep it up!
5/11/2012 c87 33Enji86
I really don't understand why Kaito wants Ankh's core medals. There's no importance for him at all in that matter.

5/10/2012 c87 10Twilight Kyu
Things start to heat up since the terrorists threaten to unleash the bacteria. This is gonna be one heck of a conflict in the next chapter.

Keep it up!
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