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9/27/2011 c1 Holly
It's really unfortunate that this story has not been continued...
4/23/2011 c1 Holly
I love this, i really hope you continue this :D
2/28/2011 c1 kayleewaffles
cool! LOVE IT! cant wait 4 more
2/27/2011 c1 anon
pretty good, please keep it up! I think you have Kiba down pat. The guys in the cave are interesting as well.

2/27/2011 c1 6Shonen King 69
Yo, Shonen King here! This is an interesting start to your story. I think the reason why there aren't that many Kiba fics is because Kishimoto has habit of making very interesting characters only to put them out of focus and/or killing them off. Asuma unfortunately got both, he was barely seen and after finally getting some scene time, he gets killed and Shino and Tenten have hardly been developed, Kishimoto has given interesting backstories to both heroes and villains but these two, nothing... Anyway, I'm ranting and that's what Youtube is for, I'm glad to see you use my character idea.

Keep it cool, Keep it Shonen!

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