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for Ibiki's Apprentice

7/4 c1 darkpsychoqueen
this would have made an awesome full length story definitely happy to read what u wrote though
7/1 c1 2maxperseus130
Ended in a good place. Though I won't lie, I kinda wish you had continued into cannon. Awesome read regardless!
5/25 c1 steler
I love this story and wish I could see how things go with team seven.
5/8 c1 lukeanimelover
No… no fucking way… i need more… MORE DAMNIT MORE!
4/1 c1 Guest
Part two please
2/24 c1 CreatorOfMyOwnLittleWorlds
Just re-read this, still love it
1/7 c1 BlazeStryker
Three Days.
11/6/2023 c1 3LilinAnade
Awesome story!
I hope there will be more chapter though. Anyway, thanks for the story!
10/18/2023 c1 Candice lee Carter
Good work.
10/18/2023 c1 Candice Carter Carter
I love the story. Keep up good work.
8/11/2023 c1 1WeebyPizzaGamer
Would love to see highlights of this Naruto in team 7! Hope you are well! Thanks for the fic!
8/11/2023 c1 Grimreaper07
Don’t know if u still write but this is damn good and so r your other works hope u r doing well wherever u r take care
7/11/2023 c1 OkBoomer147
nice one!
6/27/2023 c1 Guest
I love this toomuch
4/16/2023 c1 Candice Carter6
I enjoyed the story. Please do update. Great work on the story.
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