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for Ibiki's Apprentice

7/13 c1 TBearTech
love the tongue in cheek humor in this.
7/7 c1 heyo
It's been years but I still come back to this story from time to time. Couldn't find a similar T&I-trained!Naruto or a decent Anbu!Naruto
7/4 c1 12Cyan Quartz
Wowie Naruto sure is taking after black and white detective man!
6/29 c1 hungergamesfan123456789
please update
6/26 c1 2HPMARIE
Love it!
6/13 c1 Guest
Damn i wish tgis got updated
4/30 c1 Karmmes
This needs a part 2 loved it
4/20 c1 100watataa
soooo needs a part 2
4/20 c1 SuperReader3000
This deserves and entire series about it
3/22 c1 18DemonKittyAngel
I can't believe I put off reading something this hilarious for so long. Godspeed Naruto. Give them hell. *salute*
3/12 c1 Sinclaire149
I wish u would create a sequel for this
2/24 c1 Anagennisi
Kakashi will break in one week... three tops...
1/13 c1 5Streetpixie
This was delightful, I would read 20 more chapters of it! 3
Following Ibiki Taught! Naruto alongside Team 7 would be so fun, especially when they got to the chunin exam and the former pet of the T&I crew got to deal with Kabuto and have Ibiki and Anko react different to him during the exam and stuff XD
But that aside, even as a stand alone, this was awesome! I always thought Naruto was Street Smart where Sakura was Book Smart and Sasuke was general Smart when it came to Team 7 so seeing that get highlighted and capitalised on instead of him getting dismissed as a dobe was super super fun. Thank you for sharing this fic.
1/11 c1 Katy Lin Yun
This was hilarious, and i loved it so much. Im curious how Kakashi handles this Naruto, lol
12/29/2020 c1 poimeme90
Ooohhh this is one of the best one shots ever i wish it was a full on story but its good on its own love it. Youre very talented!
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