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3/1/2014 c14 Guest
Wow loved it but the honeymoon part made my day you chose my Home it's very very beautiful.
1/12/2014 c13 Cazred11
One word - AMAZING.
3/27/2013 c1 1JustAmyRobHere
Love this
3/18/2013 c14 pesca13891
Awwwww! I finished also this one! I'm going in with your other stories! I just wanted to tell you that I love them!
1/24/2013 c13 Guest
wow thats a realy good story, probably one of the best I have read yet.
11/21/2012 c11 1Alex B. Goode
Where was Quinn's Maid of Honor speech?
8/1/2012 c1 Alex B. Goode
The grad ceremony that happened on the show was actually better than how I expected it. Yours is cool as well.
11/20/2011 c13 Ms.Els
This story is SO wonderful ! In fact it's my favorite! Thank you SO much for writing all of these magical stories! I really hope you will write some more Finchel soon ! Is you do you can be sure that I am totaly going to read them ALL!Again AMAZING story!
10/26/2011 c1 8passingrossby
Love all the story :')
7/14/2011 c5 9This Little Lady
This chapter really made me cr...especially the last part where Finn told Rachel to wait for him :'(
7/12/2011 c4 3gleek30
Omg the event was so unexpected. This is a lot of drama, I can't wait to see if she recovers
5/23/2011 c13 feelinawkward
I read this story awhile back and forgot to review! I absolutely love this story and how Finn stays by Rachel's side the whole time! Great story!
4/27/2011 c13 2oliigleegirl1124
omg sucha beatuiful nd sadish story...luved it
4/25/2011 c13 3Miss.Ebony.Lauren
This is a beautiful story :') I sense a Glee spin-off is in order :) 3 3
4/16/2011 c13 Richelle Evanstreet
OMG, this is the sweetest fanfic i've ever read. I really wanted Ryan Murphy comes the ideas of Glee...like this. I love the Finn/Sam and Rachel/Quinn friendship here...touched. Also, I ship Quam & Finchel like hell. Reading this fics really makes me smile all over again. Good job! ;) ;) ;)
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