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4/2/2011 c10 15TeenTitanzzLuva
Ahhh! I absolutely enjoyed this chapter :D It was fantastic how you set it all up! I liked how you went directly to Stardust kissing Natsu for gratitude...although, I may see some other stuff going on as well later on as the story progresses...

Also, I think my favorite part was with Gray and Leon working together, with their ice magic. You could imagine it happen, with the raw emotion and intensity laying deeper on with the fight...it was captivating and I really enjoyed it again.

Finally, it's great how all this happened while Erza was waiting to be healed. The back story was nice, while summing it up and getting to the main agenda was fantastic.

Overalll...great chap! :#3

Hope you update soon!
4/1/2011 c10 5Aleiaa
Keep up the good work :)
3/31/2011 c10 Footster26
Yeah! Lucy's in the game!

Can't wait to see all their reactions to an enemy switching over!

Update soon! :D
3/22/2011 c9 Mootje
make more make more
3/20/2011 c9 10deathstalker982
to all who read this, i cannot update my story for some reason, i will update as soon as the site lets me
3/19/2011 c9 5Aleiaa
Awesome story :) I love how powerful Lucy is XD Keep up the good work.
3/12/2011 c9 mootje
amazing make more 3
3/11/2011 c9 Mootje
your awesome really plz make more i love the story
3/10/2011 c9 24kisshufan4ever
3/10/2011 c9 15TeenTitanzzLuva
Oh wow, once again you have hit me with another surprise. She kisses Natsu? Hmmm...I wonder about that. i don't think that is gratitude, maybe something else? What do I know though, you're the author xD

Also, I really loved how you explained Natsu's thouughts during the end of the chapter. How Nakama mean a lot to him,a and how Stardust always wanes into his memories. It was really interesting, that my eyes couldn't come apart from the screen. Wendy is really important in this chapter becuz of jellal, adn all that good stuff, can't wait to see more. I wonder how Natsu will react to Lucy's actions? (hehehe :D)

I also liked the way you changed the scenes to see how everyone is doing. The fighting, and tension between all of the light alliance. That wuz really nice.

Anyway, hope you update soon and can't wait to read more! It's so awesome!

- Constant reader (haha, slightly funny there-) to you story...TeenTitanzzLuva :3
3/10/2011 c9 Footster26
I would've thought Brain wouldn't let Natsu close enough to remove Lucy;s collar..hmmm.

Great chapter addiction though Can't wait for more!1 :D

Update soon! :D
3/10/2011 c8 Mootje
ur awesome make MORE MAKE MORE MAKE MORE I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER plz finish fast the other chapters

3/7/2011 c8 Footster26
Ohhh..hopefully their going to arrive at the cave next chapter! :D

Can't wait!

Update soon! :D
3/7/2011 c8 mootje
awesome plz mke more plz plz ur the best writter in te world XD
3/6/2011 c8 24kisshufan4ever
Epic :)
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