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3/6/2011 c8 2TheEbilBunni
The name is most likely Brain but in the anime they say Blaine because japanese can't pronounce the letter L instead they make the R sound. If you listen to the characters in the anime, you can hear them say Rucy instead of Lucy. you probably can't because the voice actors have experience. Just watch other animes.
3/6/2011 c8 15TeenTitanzzLuva
Great chap as always :D This chapter was really interesting in the manga, but I wuz waiting how u wud write it when Lucy isn't even at Fairy tail, supporting Erza as her arm has its issues. I really liked it, and your perspective abouot what was happenning. It wuz truly, one of my fav chapters so far.

And yes, they're looking for Wendy now! Yes! I wuz awaiting this with full anticipation. What will be the twist now? With this story, you never really know whato expect...and thats a good thing!

Also, I hope your not tired anymore, that way things can get back on track and all that good stuff :3 It's nice to see your updates almost everyday. It's so surreal, that itz fantastic!

Hope you update soon! This story is so unique!
3/5/2011 c7 1JessLyn28
hope you'll update soon...

i have a question

is Lucy's hair LONG or SHORT

(actually I know its short I just want to ask)

3/5/2011 c7 24kisshufan4ever
Cool I was just thinking how do they know cobras a fake dragon slayer? Woulndt brain allready have kicked him out all well it could just be coz I'm half asleep and 4got half the last chapter any way by
3/4/2011 c7 Footster26
this story is really taking shape can't wait for your next update! :D hmmmm about Natsu freeing Lucy well i would just think he would melt the collar off...but that is something to original maybe there would be a side effect from the lacrima or something on the collar... thats all i can think of at the moment as for how you introduce her...hmmm well i haven't really thought about that. She could be standing next to brain and be the only one feeling compassionate towards Wendy on that she has to heal Jellal. anyways i am loving your story!

Update soon! :D
3/4/2011 c7 15TeenTitanzzLuva
Yay, I love the Charle and Happy interaction! Funny and cute as always; and it seems like everyone in this story is so in character.

Erza is obviously warm to Wendy like she was in the manga chapter, so that was nice to see as well. And Ichiya, is so fantastic in this story! I mean, he's ridiculous, weird, and pleasing like always...and very powerful too as well.

When they are fighting the members, I like how it wasn't in too much detail that u cud picture the scene, yet imagine how the characters feel when that happens. This chapter was as always, pleasing to read :3

You update soo quickly, that its awesome! But if your really tired, it seems that college stuff makes people wary, then maybe you shud relax a little. It's good you really care about the welfare of your readers tho, its nice :D

Anyway, update as soon as you deem possible. This story is really starting to heat up, and bubble widly; in a good way of course.

Still enjoy your writing style, it makes this story work so brilliantly!

-TeenTitanzzLuva :D
3/4/2011 c6 TeenTitanzzLuva
Nice chapter, I like how you introduced the characters here...it was funny, and pleasing. I really like how the light team assembled, and the interactions between them :3
3/4/2011 c7 animelover
sweet...can't wait for lucy to arrive!
3/3/2011 c6 24kisshufan4ever
Epic :)
3/3/2011 c6 Footster26
Can't wait for the fighting to start! Hope all your work isn't taking too much out of yu good Luck!

Update soon! :D
3/3/2011 c5 Serenade
ooh this is such a good story ! Hope there's no juvia and gray scenes though i don't like that couple ! Keep up the good work :D
3/2/2011 c5 15TeenTitanzzLuva
Oh wow, I have to say that I didn't expect this...itz awesome tho! It's always nice to read a story, and when u have an idea in ur mind about what the next chapter may be, it turns around, slapping you in the face saying, "Haha you guessed wrong!"

The Lluvia part was hilarious when you said, "...Juvia looked at the three; a young woman with armor on, a young man with pink hair and a scarf, and...the most beautiful man Juvia had ever met." Hahaha, that wuz amusing to me for some reason. Your way of explaining it wuz cool; you're writing style fuses so well with ur plots!

It's also interesting that Stardust, is sent to look over the Tower of Heaven, especially since that didn't happen in the Orginal story; the twist is co captivizing!

Also, Master zero is so...hmm, I can't explain it. There's seriosuly something, real off bout that guy. I mean, he's evil of course but ya...maybe that's it.\

Anyway, who cares if it's short! It was still good to me; it had some stuff/info in it that made me give it a few glances over again.

I can't wait till u update! U update so quickly, that it's fantastic :D

Update soon! Plzzz...

P. S- About the messgae I sent you and when u replied...I really appreciate that! and yes, I weill definitely keep u and ur story in mind! This is truly, a one of a kind fic in the Fairy Tail category!

P. S. S.- I don't have any ideas to shape your story, becuz it's already geat enough. Hopefully when I sent you that message, you didn't get that exact gist of revising becuz thats not what it meant at all! So yup!
3/2/2011 c5 levi semieon
i just wat to say ur awesome as allways it dosent mater if ts short some fairytail chapters are short as well

but remener that im ur biggest fan
3/2/2011 c4 levi semieon
please make more ur awesome ur the best 3 3 3 awesome im ur biggesst fan
3/2/2011 c3 levi semieon
please make more ur awesome ur the best 3 3 3
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