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for The Hand We're Dealt

1/1 c24 cassiejones07
I like this story the furthur it gets into it. Here's a helpful tip for selfie editing, read it aloud, not in your head you'll catch a lot more errors that way that's what I do and I'm dyslexic. I'll see you speak to text so sometimes it's not right.
1/1 c22 cassiejones07
I love that little old lady! I wish to be like her when I grow up!
3/12/2018 c34 9Tishbing
I would love to see what happens to Scarlett and Sarek please!
1/21/2017 c34 2Shadow keeper of Death's Blade
I just found this story and it is amazing! I could stop reading it once I started. I especially loved how you handled the relationship between Spock and McCoy it felt really realistic for the situation at hand. Just overall it was wonderful and I can't give you enough praise
1/20/2017 c34 gkell
Interesting story
8/26/2016 c34 Guest
Any hope of a follow-up with Sarek and Scarlett? I'd give ANYTHING to see it. Please?
3/28/2016 c34 7tanseynz
Imo this is a simply fascinating story, not the least because of the outrage readers, certainly me, felt when Bones was forced into marriage as a result of the unwitting bond Spock initiated. As much as that maddened me, reading as Bones gradually regains his own sense of self and a partnership of sorts with Spock is a real revelation.
I loved it and favourited it.
3/28/2016 c32 tanseynz
Aaaaand Judge Tor is my third favourite hero! T'Ren is a real piece of work, and T'Pau should have known better. Poor Sarek - I'd be more sympathetic if he hadn't been the one to kidnap Rhys. Amanda would have made his life living hell for that piece of cruelty. If he ends up with Scarlett, she'll be the same sort of strong woman.
'Nuff said!
3/28/2016 c26 tanseynz
Geeze, so back to being mega-cruel again? The 'family' suite with just one bedroom? What sadist thought that one up? And now to threaten Joanna with some horrendous disease.
One word/four syllables for this - rollercoaster!
3/28/2016 c25 tanseynz
Scarlett is my next favourite hero after Neale. For both Spock and Bones it's logical to at the very least restore their friendship, given both of them know neither of them are at fault for the situation they're in.
Bones cannot be forced into a full marriage while Spock cannot be kept isolated from his bondmate and children. Compromise is a wonderful thing, yes?
3/28/2016 c22 tanseynz
Dr Sayers is a HERO! Best chapter ever.
3/28/2016 c17 tanseynz
Oh and wow! This is just adding insult to injury for poor Bones. You really have taken to heart the writer's adage that one should throw the worst things possible at one's main characters. Cruel!
And giving Spock yet another reason to completely freak out? Double cruel!
Bet you had fun plotting this. ;-)
3/28/2016 c10 tanseynz
I genuinely get where Spock is coming from. The bond is there, it's real, unbreakable and if he or Bones rejects it they would destroy each other plus potentially the ship and crew in the process.
But being Bones, feeling forced into a permanent relationship based on rape, and his only other sexual experience with a man also being rape, plus on the Kinsey scale being a solid one - utterly horrendous!
3/28/2016 c5 tanseynz
Ugh - I am completely on Bones' side. I can't imagine how horrendous it would be to be forced into a permanent marriage with all that entails to someone you aren't attracted to, don't love in the slightest and who has, whatever the cause, abused you sexually for several days.
3/28/2016 c2 tanseynz
Wow, that's an impressive opening for a story. The characterisation is very strong and the writing expert. I look forward to seeing where you take it.
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