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10/20/2012 c7 7Stephy-Monkey
Love it :) Please update soon. BTW, what ever happened to Chapter 9? (It was on here, but now its not).
6/10/2012 c8 5Ozera's Girl
Love this story so far :) Pick the lyrics was my favourite game thought it was so funny haha :)update soon
5/6/2012 c8 7Stephy-Monkey
This story is hilarious. Please update soon :)
6/3/2011 c8 5TaziiVD
Rebilious Rose, liking it, update soon!
6/1/2011 c8 5And Pidgeons Fly354
6/1/2011 c8 3gopherluv
hahahahah :) UD soon!


gopher :)
6/1/2011 c8 Kelly.Vamp
hahaha badass in PINK!
5/27/2011 c7 5And Pidgeons Fly354
5/27/2011 c7 1JosefineShield
This is good, can't wait for our hot Russian to come :)
5/27/2011 c7 3gopherluv
:D really goodddd chappie!


gopher :)
5/27/2011 c7 Kelly.Vamp
poor rose. . . i like the title!Pink Suffer!hahaha
4/28/2011 c6 5TaziiVD
Love it as much as every other chapter!
4/27/2011 c6 Kelly.Vamp
cant wait to see some dimka in here...and YES! i want victoria to come too so we can hear some "backstage" stuff sbout dimitri's life back in russia..
4/15/2011 c6 3gopherluv
cant wait for moree! :D love this!


gopher :)
4/15/2011 c6 1Amberino xoxo
You decide! I love this story either way! Very funny and giving sooo many ideas of new games to play with my best buds! xoxo :)(:
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