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3/1/2015 c1 2abandoned-fanworks
ever considered expanding out of your oneshot comfort zone? You're the only good castle/spidey crossover writer!
7/11/2014 c1 6MF 22
Ha! Now you really ARE the Sticky Bandits!
5/10/2014 c1 Isabelle
Nice job! I love the interaction between them! You're a great author, keep it up! :D
2/20/2014 c1 4Zarathos' chain
nice that was great wish you would continue it keep up the good work
11/27/2013 c1 90viridianaln9
Love it.
4/1/2013 c1 supernaturalfan2123
it was really good. Please Continue!
2/13/2013 c1 I Quit 2.0
Home Alone…Nice…
10/26/2012 c1 1Arekanderu
12/13/2011 c1 Kyuubi No Tenshi
Say, those 2 criminals, are they somehow related to Home Alone's Wet/Sticky Bandits Harry and Marv?
5/5/2011 c1 The Gandhara
Simple, but nice. It's good to see people experimenting with unusual crossovers.
3/27/2011 c1 99Tanya Reed
This was very cute! I enjoyed it. :) Good job, Mark.
3/27/2011 c1 36DeadPigeon
That was cute. I sure you werent going for cute...but there it is!
3/13/2011 c1 14Ariel119
A very interesting character combination. Nice job capturing all the characters. (No pun intended)
3/6/2011 c1 BURN3
A very fun story. Loved it. Thanks.
3/3/2011 c1 95Spidey Legend
Spidey and Castle, what a duo man!

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