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for A Baby Makes Three

3/4/2011 c2 66LoveforPenandDerek
another beautiful chapter, especially this:

Because I promised you, silly girl," he said with a smile. "Remember my promise to you in Alaska? I promised to be there with you every day of my life reminding you of the beauty in life. What a better reminder than us and our one day gorgeous child?"
3/4/2011 c2 28sangreal7
How utterly moving and romantic ... Derek being there for Penelope and understanding exactly what she's feeling is just beautiful. I'm really liking this so far.
3/4/2011 c2 56Leigh59
great start! Am looking forward to her reaction when she hears him declare his love for her and his desire to make her his for ever.
3/4/2011 c1 28sangreal7
That was a gorgeous beginning. All of their reactions were truly believable and heartfelt. Beautifully written.
3/4/2011 c2 Kimd33
I love her nervousness.
3/3/2011 c1 8Dumb Human Like U
Love it want to see more of it...what can i say i love these two together
3/3/2011 c1 66LoveforPenandDerek
you are an amazing writer. every word of that was perfection
3/3/2011 c1 215klcm
Ooh loving this idea already! The emotions from Penelope were so palpable and Derek stepping up... aww bliss! Looking forward to more, and is there promise of a HEA here? ;)
3/2/2011 c1 csimesser1
that was great loved it
3/2/2011 c1 11Kathi1C
I can't wait for more.
3/2/2011 c1 Olicityjapril4happyeverafter
great start,,, cant wait for more,,, they are awesome together
3/2/2011 c1 Kimd33
Great start
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