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5/13/2011 c5 15Lady Nightlord
Wow! I really love this fanfic and your style of writing it! I've only just finished watching all the Shiki episodes, and was really glad to see someone had writen their take on how things carried on after :) I love Seishin/Toshio and I have to admit it did upset me a couple of times when they started getting further and further away from each other...so I can't wait to find out what will happen next! :D
5/5/2011 c4 11DJ Apocalypse
Well, so sorry to be away and not reviewing for so long! I think you've really improved as a writer; the characters feel more themselves, and the prose just flows more smoothly. There really aren't many OzakixMuroi fanfics out there, so I always appreciate seeing solid entries in that category. Keep up the good work.

I also really like that you're inhabiting Sunako's mind as well.
4/25/2011 c1 Sandrine Georges
I love the reoccurrence of sand in your stories...a symbol of the ephemeral and cyclical nature of relationships throughout human/shiki existence. But by using a symbol, you don't sound as stilted as I just did. Brava.

And I also think the fact that Toshio Ozaki has a realization that his heartbeat was INaudible, the opposite of what most of us discover when we notice that we can hear the pounding lub-dub of our own frenzied pulse. Again, you end up sounding much more sophisticated than I just did.

Perhaps because of your allusions, the line of the story and especially character motivations may not be as clear as I would like, but keep in mind that I am not familiar with the original source, so maybe it's just that I don't understand the backstory.
4/14/2011 c4 Gemelli
I've been reading this as new chapters came out, and I've really enjoyed it thus far. Your prose is excellent and I do like the analogies you're using (if that is the correct word xD). It's interesting to see what would happen after the events of Shiki. I like how you're portraying Seishin's and Toshio the previous chapters - I do like how they interacted as there was this...tension and awkwardness that would be more than normal.

Which brings me to this chapter. I like how you've written it from Sunako's POV. Furthermore, it also made me incredibly curious about what has occurred between Toshio and Seishin prior to this, and I also wonder where things will be going from now. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.

Thank you for writing this!
3/4/2011 c1 DJ Apocalypse
I realllly liked this, it's a great start and I'm very curious about what comes next. Generally I feel suspicion about anime fanfics set in America, as it generally opens the door for people behaving out of character and the appearance of Mary-Sues. However, you've got it to work thus far, and it seems like you'll continue to be able to keep it up.
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