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for Les Profondeurs à Qu'ils Tombent

5/26/2002 c6 12Chibi Tsuki
Poor Solo and Duo. I feel so sorry for them now, they're orphans. Aw... *snif snif* I hope you will be able to write more. I love this fic.
5/15/2002 c6 33Midii Une
Excellent and so sad! I got attached to Duo and Solo's parents in their short appearance they seemed so much in love. But a necessary twist to get the boys to Maxwell Church, and I do love a well-written tragic story. I can't wait to see what new twists lie ahead, this is so unpredictable. Write more soon!
5/14/2002 c6 5Ley
This is good, please continue soon.
5/9/2002 c5 Ley
This is good, please continue soon.
5/8/2002 c5 33Midii Une
Awww, Duo's section was so cute ^_^ Wonderful story, now you just need a title and the next chapter if you please!
5/4/2002 c5 12Chibi Tsuki
Awww... Solo and Duo as twins? That's SO cute. Now I just want to go up to them and pinch their chubby cheeks ^^
5/3/2002 c5 8Lady Dante
I like how the story line is developing. Great plot and the idea of baby Duo just melts my heart! Great update!
4/27/2002 c4 12Chibi Tsuki
Aw... now you make me all sad. I wish Treize and Lady Une were together. They look like such a sweet couple. Aw... *starts sniffing* Well good chappie! I like it heaps. Please update us with a new chappie soon.
4/27/2002 c4 5Ley
This is great! Nice job, please continue soon.
4/27/2002 c4 33Midii Une
Poor Treize! Can't wait for the story to begin, the prologue was absolutely tantalizing. (wow, your great work has really inspired my reviewing ^_~)
4/27/2002 c3 Midii Une
I love the description of Iria's eyes, I recently got the DVD and noticed how lovely her eyes really are! Also I like how you changed Niikol's spelling to tie in with Midii's spelling, nice touch! Very interesting relationships in this chapter and I adore how you're writing Treize and Lady in this one. Keep up the great work!
4/27/2002 c2 Midii Une
*grin* Zechs is adorable in this and it looks like you're going to have some kind of ties between Sylvia and Relena, I hope so because that is an unexplored tangent in GW that would make a great story.
4/27/2002 c1 Midii Une
Fantastic beginning. I love details and the section on Lucrezia's mother's past was excellent. The casting is wonderful so far and the hints of the GW universe in the universe you've created are excellent! Besides I like seeing Lucrezia and Hilde as sisters, so cute since they look so much alike. Young Sally is adorable ^_^ Your writing style is beautiful!
4/15/2002 c3 12Chibi Tsuki
Woah, all the relationships. But I'm glad you straightened those facts out for me ^^ And now, I'm going to add an extra review to your lovely collection. I just adore this fic and I'm glad that I found a fic with chars at different ages. It's just getting boring with the Gundam Pilots always being the youngest around. Can't wait until your next update'S'!
4/8/2002 c2 1Jooles
Oh wow! I like this new fic of yours Icy B! Haven't seen too many fics set in France... and its period, how very cool! Keep with the updating girl, I'm anticipating how this pans out. ^_^
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