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for Orgy XIII Shuffle

3/11/2011 c1 96A.D. Williams
I've never thought of doing the iPod shuffle thing for an actual story; I know for silly profile surveys and whatnot, they had them but this was pretty neat!

My favorite was Xigbar's. Him missing Demyx was just...sad. Especially since Xigbar is such an upbeat guy; to get him down, you know it had to be something major.

Who was it that Xion wanted? Personally speaking, I'm a fan of her and Riku together (Riku doesn't have a het pairing, lol! We ship the guy with Sora so much!). And...playing hard to get? Atta girl! ^_^

I wanna do one of these...but if possible, make every one of them comical (since humor I swear is the only thing I know how to write...). This was nicely done, great job!

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