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7/31/2013 c1 8Rapidfyrez
There is a limit to how many personal Messages per day you can send. I reached my max so if you want to keep talking, PM me your email
4/14/2011 c6 Throy567
I really like this story and i hope you continue it
3/10/2011 c2 9Avenging Angels
Hey, you asked me to read and so I did. I gotta say it's got a great plot but there are a few grammatical errors that distract from the story. But that's okay, stuff like that can be fixed. Also, when you type two characters having a conversation do the following for example:

Angel glanced at Cole and her eyes narrowed. "Why are you helping me?"

"H'm, oh I don't know, little girl being held in the middle of an overly guarded warehouse? Yeah, I thought you might be in just a little trouble. You know, seeing as you were strapped down on a metal table and all."

Angel frowned but nodded. "Yeah, I guess." She looked up at Cole.

And so on, basically just hit enter. :)

Other than that and a few other word choice mistakes this story has great potential. Because it is based of inFamous and kind of the stand alone adventure type story I think you should definitely move it to the main site. You'll get a lot more attention and comments.


Avenging Angels
3/6/2011 c1 6MEleeSmasher
Alright, to anyone reviewing this please let me say thanks for support. Dont put up flames or i Am putting this story down.

SO whaddya guys think? If This story wont get a lot of reviews, Im moving it to the original stories section, because crossovers are always overlooked in this section.

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