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for I'll Find You Somewhere

8/6/2015 c1 anastasia bell
Can never listen to "Somewhere" without picturing this story in my mind ever again. Oops.
7/4/2015 c1 Mayana
Omfg.., this story was very well written. Heartbreaking but beautiful. Loved it!
10/8/2011 c1 134Soncnica
""Felling the hot touch against his chest, he opened his eyes and couldn't see anyone here with him. But he just knew who used to own those hands and suddenly everything was fine like nothing bad could really reach him no more.""

so cool! so sad! so so sad! comfort from a dead brother... omg you're freakin' making me cry here... grrrr you!

but it's just so beautiful at the same time... it's family and the boys are sooooo connected there aren't any words and you really brought that out here.

""Of course he knew who was there with him in the end. ""

of course, silly Dean-o! your bro will always be there... oh gosh this totally made me go d'awwww!

""He felt that hot presence bringing comfort to his chest over again and he just knew his little brother was here. "

*dissolves into tears*

""Even when nothing else could make sense in his confused head, when the figure lay down at his side and whispered in his ear, the words started to make sense again:

"Dean I'm here... I'm not gonna leave you... I'm not gonna leave you!""""

BEAUTIFUL and so them... awww

WAH AWESOME! you know.. I HATE death!fics, HATE THEM WITH A PASSION I CAN NOT EVEN EXPLAIN, BUT... I love reading death!fics where the boys ARE TOGETHER even after they both die! :))) call me nuts, but I don't get sad, when I know that the boys are together even in death... but once one is left behind and the other is dead.. well then I can not stop crying for days!

and this was just PERFECT... lovely.. awesome.. amazing.. Sam being there for Dean in his time of dying.. just perfect!


4/6/2011 c1 277kstar
Yes, this story is pretty dark. But you have some really good descriptions going and you do have a nice ending to the piece.

I like the vagueness at the beginning and the ending the most, I think. Sometimes you have to write what ya feel. Keep writing. :)

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