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for Torn and Frayed

5/15/2011 c6 17rholou
the appendix thing was genius. i really enjoyed this story thanks for taking the time to write and post it.
5/15/2011 c6 Anna
This was a very well-written, well-thought-out story. I loved how you portrayed Sam in this and I'm not a Sam fan by any stretch. But here you've shown him having been slowly poisoned by Ruby's words and blood, which caused him to make the wrong justifications and choices. While we all know that the relationship between the brothers got much worse after the Siren, here you show how badly the addiction affected Sam's perception - Sam being all bad ass and thinking how Dean was in the wrong to slowly being weaned off the blood as Dean remained in the hospital clearing his thoughts. Very nicely done.
5/15/2011 c6 babyreaper
Fantastic ending, I think the fact that Sam choose to believe a demon was a good guy showed that he wasn't ready to make decision on his own, something he was always bitching to Dean about. Dean never trusted Ruby and anyone who watched the TV show had to have seen the sly looks and they way she was always turning up saving the day. Getting Sam to trust her through the guise of helping them. Sorry for the rant but I'm a Dean girl first and foremost and hated the way Sam began to treat his brother. Then when Dean came back from Hell and needed Sam, he was off with Ruby, making it plain that Dean wasn't fit to hunt, saying all those things to him and acting all superior. I liked that you had Sam staying all that time with Dean and wanting to get things back like they had been before, even though he was wanting to go to Ruby for his fix. I thought he had blew it when he started ranting to Dean when he was trying to explain he'd already had his appendix out. Really enjoyed the whole story. Thanks.
5/15/2011 c6 5Zyanya
It was a very good story, you explained many situations that I did not get entirely in other chapters. Lets blame Castiel he he, he should have known that the appendix would cause troubles. This going to my favs because you constructed excellent charecters that made sense with the series. If it would have happen maybe we would have another kind of season 5. I really wanna read more of your stories and I know that you kind of made it in this chapter but would be awesome to read an story about this first time that Dean had appendicitis. Thanks, I really mean it, and take care ;).
5/15/2011 c6 22Psychee
When Dean said it couldn't be his appendix, I knew what had happened.

I very much enjoyed this story. I am so glad you ended it where you did (and not with Sam going back to Rudy). That season is over; canon has been set. Still, I have a not so secret longing to "fix it" before Sam makes the final irreversable decision.

Thanks for a good read.
5/14/2011 c6 masondixon
Season 4 was a very hard season to go through because the core of the series itself- the bond between Sam and Dean- crumbled and fell apart.

Instead of being able to enjoy the fact that Dean had been rescued from Hell, we had to bite our tongues to keep from screaming with rage at how the writers had torn the boys apart.

Sam was a different animal in season 4 and that took alot to adjust to. I did believe that he was doing it for what- in his heart- he believed to be the right reason. But I knew he was wrong. When he would not listen to his brother I knew he was too far gone.

Your story did a very good job of showing Sam through his own eyes and giving us a view of how he saw things that season. And you wrote him very, very well. If I had not the season this story would have given me a different way of thinking about what happened then.

But I do believe Sam- along the way- lost the base reason for doing what he was doing. And you worded that very well in this chapter:

"It started with Dean- him going to hell for Sam, had been about revenge first but has somehow, along the way, turned into something else entirely. Sam is not sure what it is about now, but he knows, suddenly, for a moment of clarity, as he watches his brother fight, that no matter what is has become, it might actually not be worth it.

It's not worth it if they are losing each other along the way."

And I think you were able to show Sam realize that very clearly here in this story and, at the end, give us some hope that he could change his way, and regain his bond with his brother, and fight on together- as one- rather than what he did do on the actual show.

That is where fanfiction has an advantage over the tv show. The writer can add to what was shown on tv and bring changes and closure to the characters and the story that the viewer/reader really wanted to have.

You kept the grit and grimness that was Sam through that season but, at the end, when it counted- when his brother was lying gravely ill in the hospital- you allowed a softening of the hard shell that had built up around Sam and allowed the reader to have faith that the two brothers will survive as one.

And though we do know it did not go that way on the show, it was good to be able to view the boys with the possibility of a different ending- a better ending- for that season in your story.

Another wonderful job, written with the detail and depth I very much appreciate in your stories. Alot of work went into this story and it shows.

Thank You for this. I hope your surgery goes well next week and you have a good recovery.

And I hope you will share your other story with us. Your words are gifts; don't throw them away.

Thank You again and be well.
5/14/2011 c6 20Rosetta Brunestud
Last chapter is on *_*

It's great, dear, of course it makes sense! Sam's character is complicated, he has so many layers! People barely scratch the surface, they draw conclusions like: he turned evil... When he never did, not really! Ruby poisoned him, of course... He made bad decisions and he was so apart from his brother it physicaly hurt to watch... But it was also great to understand some parts of the show ^^

I really loved the story! I hope you manage to post the other one, we'll love to read! And good luck with the surgery, I hope everything goes okay ^^

Kisses and see you next, sweetie


5/14/2011 c6 laily.spenstar
That was SO BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT ending! I really love the way you describe Sam's thoughts while waiting for Dean to wake up.I don't really like Season 4 as the brothers drifted apart, especially after 'Sex and Violence'. Season 4 was more about Sam wanted to take revenge on Lilith for killing his brother,even though Dean was alive again. Sam somehow forgot that Dean sacrificed himself so that he would live. I hate that! I'm glad you wrote Sam's thoughts after nearly losing Dean again.

Thank you for such a beautiful story!
5/8/2011 c5 Eeyore08
Sam's thought process and how he explains away everything he sees is quite scary. Dean's dream scene was very intense but I liked how you had Dean say 'yes' and how, even after being in hell that long, he was still trying to save his brother.

I didn't forsee Dean being this sick but I can't wait for the next chapter. You've done an excellent job with the characters and the imagery. Thanks for sharing.
4/26/2011 c5 zuimar
I've lost count how many times I've re-read this chapter over the last couple of days, yet every time I find new details. I was so glad to see Sam's POV about what's going on with Dean, I just could feel his desparation and his guilt. Especially this scene was very vivid:

[Sam doesn't have time to waste. God knows…god knows he's been staying away for far too long already, has been gone when Dean needed him, when he'd been feeling unwell, sick…when he'd been suffering in ways Sam can't even come close to imagining. And there's no way Sam will not be there now – not when his brother wakes up this time.] That's written so well, you never cease to amaze me.

I'm sorry to hear that the next chapter will be the last one already, I wouldn't have mind reading some more chapters. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your Easter break!

Maybe it's too little, too late, but Sam cannot not try…
4/25/2011 c4 zuimar
Hi Ontara, first of all apologies for my late review.

This was such a tense chapter, Dean's memories of Hell are so terrifying, that was very well written. It's a pity that the show didn't show more of how Dean dealt with his time in Hell, besides the few flashbacks and the drinking.

The scene about what happened with the siren was also spot on, of course they meant what was said in that episode.

It was really heartbreaking to read that Sam couldn't get through to Dean, poor Dean thinking he never got out of hell.

Great job as always!
4/22/2011 c5 Jessjess494
With every chapter I love this story more. I think you've done a really good job of getting inside the headspace of Season 4 Sam and I can't wait to find out what's wrong with Dean! I can't believe you left it there! I'm all on tenterhooks. Enjoy you're Easter break xox
4/20/2011 c5 8Panda Luff
This fic is so well done, I don't know what else to say. You've made season 4 a lot better then I remember :P

Looking forward to the conclusion!
4/18/2011 c5 rog457
You did a very good job of showing how torn Sam was between what he was doing with Ruby and what he knew he should be doing with Dean.

He knows he should be supporting Dean and trying harder to help in through what he is experiencing but he truly believes that what he is doing with Ruby is the right thing to do.

I love the way as an expression of his guilt over not realizing how bad off Dean was, he blames Dean for all of this. That he calls him selfish for having made the deal to go to Hell to save him, great stuff.

Dean needed surgery? I cant wait to find out what is actually going on with him beyond the obvious.
4/17/2011 c5 grea8read
Another awesome chapter. Nice to see Sam does still care.

Evil, evil cliffie.

Thank you for sharing your time and talent.
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