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for Torn and Frayed

4/17/2011 c5 5Zyanya
This was plain awesome! It's the appendix... How didn't I noticed it sooner? Maybe we'll get some brotherly love finally! Thanks, I 'll wait for your next update, really need to know what's gonna happen with the boys =)
4/17/2011 c5 moira4eku
OMG! What is wrong with Dean? Sounds serious! The whole chapter was nail biting with Sam coming home and finding Dean unconscious on the floor and waiting for the ambulance. Then Sam waiting to find out what is wrong with his brother and why he didn't really notice how sick Dean was. I'm not sure I'm alright with Sam for blaming everything on Dean though, seems kinda selfish or onesided on Sam's POV, but there is the rub, Sam not really seeing things clearly because of Ruby. Anyhow, I hope you have a great Spring Break (had mine back in March when it was too dang cold). Looking forward to reading the last chapter.
4/17/2011 c5 masondixon
You write Sam's point of view so clearly and with such intensity I feel like I am within him as I read the words in this chapter.

You have done a very good job representing Sam in this story and showing the season through his point of view.

But to leave us like that at the end? Without even knowing what is wrong with Dean?

And then to make it worse by telling us only 1 more chapter!

I can hold on through the delay of posting- and I hope you have a very relaxing and enjoyable time riding- because I know there is still more to come.

But I am already feeling some withdrawal spasms as I think about this story ending :(

Thank You for this update and I look forward to your next one.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
4/17/2011 c5 36SweetChi
Oh Sammy, you inattentive brother... *shakes head in disappointment* :-P So, it's finally out in the open, Dean's been sick and not just suffering from PTSD. Looking forward to finding out what was actually wrong with him and if Sam learns his lesson or not. Again, great job!
4/17/2011 c1 46T.L. Arens
I am almost jealous at the precision with which you've written this story (at least what I've read at this point) The interaction from which you've written this-the coldest of all seasons-makes you a master marksman in SPN fanfic. I do not think I could write the boys like this; cold, divided, hanging on only because they are the only partners they can count on in a hunt; business partners.

I LOVED the scene with the bimbo waitress! LOL that was SO priceless! I don't know why, but I love it whenever I see or read of Dean ignoring a girl who wants attention! You've executed the diner scene with amazing proficency!

It must have been very difficult to tell this story from Sam's POV. He's expecting his brother to bounce back from Hell as though nothing happened. And yet, on the other hand, he's trying to get Dean to admit that Hell broke him into a billion pieces and Dean can't admit to it. He can't bear to think that someone else thinks he's weak.

Dean's return from Hell has messed up both their lives; Dean is trying to fix a broken limb with a band-aid and Sam can't adjust back after having to learn to fend for himself. I really look forward to reading the rest of this story!
4/17/2011 c5 amethyst bloodstone
awesome chapter. Poor Dean he's so broken and poor Sam he's so guilty. Damn Ruby! Absolutely loved the last chapter, so intense. Sorry Fan fic wouldn't let me review last week no matter how hard I tried. Have a great easter.
4/16/2011 c5 SimplyOut
Oh you just HAD to stop there? :( I can't wait for the next one!
4/16/2011 c5 Sissy
I love your writing and your story. The Ruby thing has always been the worst part of the SPN series. Sam was such a self righteous ass that year. In your story he should realize that everything that is wrong with Dean is because he saved Sam's life by going to hell. Instead, Sam is looking down on him for being weak. And Sam being with Ruby just pisses me off. I hope the boys can get back together.
4/16/2011 c5 20Rosetta Brunestud
Happy easter! =)

I loved the chapter... Oh, cliffhanger! xD

Well, I'll be waiting for the last chapter, then! =)


4/16/2011 c5 babyreaper
OMG, what have you done to Dean, as if he isn't suffering enough, now he's in the hospital? Not a fan of Sam's, he's always been a LOT selfish in my opinion, thinking only of himself. Now he's sneaking off to be with Ruby and lying to Dean. He wanted his brother back, but when he got him back he just was never there for Dean. Looking forward to more. Thanks.
4/16/2011 c4 rog457
I dont think you have to hide but that was a really intense and hard to read chapter.

Poor Dean not only reliving his time in hell but now he's convinced that Sam is in hell to.

He is stuck in a nightmare he cant get out of isnt he.

I really disliked Sam during this time period, he was being such a self-rightous, obnoxious, know-it-all bastard and as always Dean was the one paying the price.
4/16/2011 c4 Jessjess494
This chapter was so moving. Poor Dean! Sammy to the rescue is one of my favourite plot devices! I'm so intrigued as to where this is going. I was so cross with my friend last night because she came round just before I finished this chapter, it was well worth the wait xox
4/15/2011 c4 wonton
I am liking this, just wanna see where it's going?
4/15/2011 c4 16Sjoeks
wow... strong!
4/13/2011 c4 187Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands
Great chapter! You shouldn't be terrified-you did an excellent job of layering Dean's emotions. It was especially powerful near the end, when Sam is there and Dean still believes he's in hell. Powerful stuff. Once, I was having a gallbladder attack and I was at home alone, and it was a particularly long attack, so I was having all these crazy emotions. So mad that everyone had left for the day and I couldn't get my parents on the phone. For a few minutes I was cursing mad, as if they'd somehow betrayed me. It's the worst feeling! And you captured that so well with Dean-after what he'd been through, it's no wonder his mind went to such a dark place when he found himself alone and in pain. Can't wait for your next update. Keep up the good work, hun!
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