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for The Way of the Geisha

8/23/2023 c23 JaneBlack27
I really loved your story, I would like to see a sequel 3

Nayako's character just made me suffer in this story, in the end she got the ending she deserved :D

I love Naruhina a lot, but reading a SasuHina made me realize that I also like that couple, but the trio formed with the 3 of them was the best. I've never read a story where I wished it would stay with both of them hhahaha

I think I have a lot of trio stories with the 3 of them as the main character hehehe

I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I really really loved your story 3333
4/11/2023 c23 2nineetaaaillled
Loved loved this story - was just thinking that the Naruhina fan fiction needed a Memoirs of a Geisha AU - I was about to plan that as my next story and then found this. Made me super happy xxx
6/19/2022 c23 WalkersCrown
this looks so interesting but I absolutely hate any story that has any kind of SasuHina in it. Even from a one-sided perspective. It encourages that part of the Fandom that really enjoys writing such a Crack pairing
7/29/2021 c23 Guest
Why do you have to make Sasuke so pitiful in the end, kinda wishing he would move on or something, and its annoying to know somehow that Nayako snake living just fine. But overall good story, happy for Naruto and Hinata
7/29/2021 c21 Guest
I think Nayako is as insane as Sasuke, at least Sasuke still has some sort of concience and I can feel how he has this internal battle. Nayako just blurts out her deceitful act like it was nothing, what a creep
7/29/2021 c20 Guest
I truly came to loathe Nayako in this chapter, at some point I feel sorry for her, but she's just waaayyyyy too corrupted. Sincerely wish her the worst
5/7/2021 c21 1yeaaaahhhh I read
It's official I HATE Nayako
1/25/2021 c23 19BornOnTheBreakOfDawn
This... This is marvelous! I loved the entire story! I'm so amazed with the plot; this is the first time I read something like this and it's incredible. I'm seriously blown away how amazing this fanfic is.

The only reference I may have crossed or known about geishas before was from the story/movie "Memoirs of a Geisha", but I learned some things from your story that I didn't fully understand or probably recall from the movie/novel. It's an interesting take that you came up with having Hinata grow up as a geisha but eventually still had ties to her life as a ninja.

I was also a bit surprised with the NaruHinaSasu love triangle here, but I had my suspicions when you introduced Sasuke to be entertained by Hinata in the early chapters. I kinda felt sorry for Sakura. Speaking of Sakura though, I wonder how she reacted when she met Hinata in person for the first time and if she learned about what happened between Sasuke and the lost Hyuuga. If she did, I could imagine the heartbreak she may have experienced.

Again, I highly praise you for creating this wonderful story. No doubt this is going on my faves. Kudos!
12/2/2020 c23 Aptxkudou4869
Hey, it is my second time reading this and it was just as awesome as the first. I cannot believe the quality of some fics out there. I don't know if you're still active, but thank you for writing this :)
4/13/2020 c23 bewjfew
This story is very charming, sweet, and romantic. I love the healthy, compelling relationship between Naruto and Hinata. The warped, somewhat twisted dynamic between Sasuke and Hinata is intriguing and sets a good foil to the previously mentioned couple. I love how you mention that the lifestyles of ninjas and geishas require hardness of the heart. It's a well-put parallel between seemingly opposite people.
11/29/2019 c16 2suga.jeons
plot twist: nayako hates naruto to her guts because she's lowkey jealous of him cuz she also loves hinata... romatically? xD
10/23/2019 c15 Guest
Hahaha, Aaliyah is my favorite artist and I love the fact that you used her song. It fit in so well. Aside from that, I loved the whole story btw.
10/28/2018 c23 StellasArtemis
I’am so glad I found this! This is one of the most well written Naruhina fics and one of the greatest fics i ‘ve ever read! SO GOOOD! So many kudos to you
8/1/2018 c23 Cal Poly
Incredible story. So glad I found it, even if it was like 7 years later! Hope you're doing well :)
1/6/2018 c23 4Koen D
This is the best NaruHina story I've ever read. I don't know what to feel about the relationship between Sasuke and Hinata. It's insane and obsessive but that's how Sasuke is. I sometimes wonder if Hinata ever considered Sasuke more than a friend. It seemed he still didn't get over Hinata. I feel bad for Sasuke since I'm also a big fan of SasuHina.
One of my favorite things about this story is Nayako. I both love her and hate her. I love her because she really cares for Hinata but at the same time, her love made Hinata suffer.
Thank you for writing
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